Risk Intelligence

A proactive approach to detect and mitigate potential risks and increase compliance


In a globally interconnected business environment, supply chain risks are on the rise. Companies need to be aware of what’s happening with their suppliers and be able to detect and mitigate potential risks to their supply chain, especially if they are involved with just-in-time manufacturing.


The forthcoming EU Supply Chain Act is intended to make companies more accountable for human rights and environmental standards in the future. It’s about sustainable and responsible corporate behavior in all global value chains and a stricter level of compliance.

At the same time, political and economic instability, conflicts and wars or catastrophes caused by extreme weather events may strongly impact your supply chain, global sourcing and overall business success. In these times, it’s important to react quickly to stay on track.

How you can benefit


UNICEPTA delivers you actionable insights, not just data, allowing you to identify potential risks in real-time, using the power of AI-driven technology and our deep understanding of our clients’ needs.


  • Broad global coverage with over 460 million online and social media sources
  • Instant alerting when a critical event occurs
  • Reducing enormous time you spend on risk assessments
  • Setup a systematic risk monitoring for your business needs quickly without committing your team’s time
  • Helping you to fulfill compliance requirements and securing your business goals



% of all risiks




% reduction
of data volume




% time saving
on client side


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