We want you to listen.
To the World.


Help us influencing Businesses and Organizations in shaping our future.
For us, this is the most relevant function of Media and Marketing Intelligence

What we do

In challenging times, listening is the beginning of everything



Listening – that’s what we do. In the most sophisticated way you can imagine. For example, we track over 460 millionen sources of information every single day.

What we Achieve

Our clients do need to know what’s important to people



Companies and organisations need someone to tell them about the world out there. Ultimately, they can only change if they know where to go – and why.

What we aim for

Who understands the present has a chance to sense the future



Anticipating the future, figuring out what will become relevant, is one of the most exciting but also most ambitious tasks of all. That’s why we take it on.

Recruiting process



Your application



You can apply online with just a few clicks. Our recruiting team can review your documents directly and coordinate with the department.





A first meeting usually takes place as a video call. In this way, initial questions can be answered quickly and easily.


Personal Interview



The first meeting has impressed us! Now we would like to learn more about you through a personal interview - and of course to answer all your questions.





We can both imagine working together? Then we will make you an offer and discuss all the contractual details together.

Locations across the globe







Washington DC



Career development at UNICEPTA


Career Development can mean many things – but what does it mean for you? At UNICEPTA, we take a holistic view of this issue and have therefore set up a comprehensive Career Development Program that shows all our team members concrete prospects at any point in time.



We should also mention that this applies regardless of where they are in their career, what professional skills they have today, or whether they work full or part time. Development knows no boundaries, does it?



If you would like to learn more about our Career Development Program, just send us a message.





Regular Training




per Year






Education does not stop once you finish your training. Our UNICEPTA Academy accompanies and leads you through your career. This way, your job never becomes a dead end, but instead remains a journey with plenty of perspective, at any stage.


A company is only as good as its employees. After all, sustainable and individualized further training not only makes employees more satisfied, it makes companies more successful as well.


The UNICEPTA Academy, our internal personnel development and training program, supports the career of every single one of our employees by offering training for every step on the career ladder. Our commitment: Every UNICEPTA must have access to the Academy.