Measuring what counts for brands


The BrandTicker is a preconfigured analytics portal that gives management the ability to monitor brands with unprecedented levels of detail.


We assist you in your communications and brand management tasks. Our media monitoring and brand analysis portals enable you to generate up-to-the-minute and operationally useful results from print, online, and social media.


BrandTicker is based on an automated full-text search algorithm that scans over 460 million media sources every day and analyzes the text for over a million relevant attribute and topic keywords.


The statistical results of a comprehensive range of perceptual dimensions are made available daily via the online portal or summarized periodically in a report.

Making the performance of your brand visible


A user-friendly dashboard, configured for your brands, provides you with statistical evaluations and analysis of the following subject areas:


  • Media presence
  • Brand perception and image
  • Sentiment and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Your industry topics
  • Core values of your brand
  • Reputational risks and sustainability (ESG)
  • Your Employer Value Propositions (EVP)
  • Financial Brand Evaluation (ISO 10886)


All metrics are evaluated daily and offer you a timely performance analysis of your media initiatives. You can download individual diagrams as JPG, PDF, or Excel files or export the results as a PPT report and distribute it via e-mail.



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BrandTicker is preconfigured and easy to use. No internal specialists are needed - the results can be used directly by all stakeholders.




BrandTicker generates targeted, yet comprehensive and operational insights.




BrandTicker can be tailored to your organization so that results are relevant to each business unit.