How to use Reddit for Company Purposes

UNICEPTA Report analyses opportunities and risks for the use of Reddit as a communication channel


The use of social networks as a communication channel with important stakeholders has long been part of the standard repertoire of communication departments and PR professionals in the corporate context.

The selection of social media is often primarily based on target group fit. Given today's diversity of channels, however, it is no longer sufficient to judge the viability of a potential new communication channel on this basis alone. Thought leaders need to anticipate trends and become active today where target audiences may not be until tomorrow. Could Reddit be the rising star in social media for corporate purposes?


Insight report for download


UNICEPTA experts analyse important opportunities and risks for communication on the social network Reddit and show which possibilities the channel offers for ambitious companies to get in touch with stakeholders in a targeted way.


  • How should Reddit be assessed as a communication channel from a marketing and PR perspective?
  • Which formats are suitable for corporate communication on the platform?
  • Which stumbling blocks should definitely be considered and what exciting opportunities arise for companies?
  • What can you learn from other companies?


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