Managing communication and identifying trends – with first-class digital information mangement

All insights & data at one glance

  • Managing communication and identifying trends – with first-class digital information mangement

  • All insights & data at one glance

Portals & Dashboards

Digitalization offers great opportunities for your communication management. We develop the perfect “digital desk” for you, with masterboards tailored exactly to your needs. These provide you with a quick and precise overview of information streams. And they make it easier for you to quickly and easily grasp the most important insights.

You want to combine and visualize all data streams in one platform: cross-media analysis (social and online media, news agencies, print, TV/radio) combined with internal social media data and results from market research and web analytics. That is why you need a custom solution. We don't offer off-the-shelf solutions but set up our systems in a way that allows you to keep an eye on your important issues, sources, stakeholders and competitors in your markets.


Digital Information Management for the highest requirements

For our customers, we merge the best available technologies and content in individual Masterboards. From the idea to the development all the way through to programming – in constant dialogue with our customers. We are always looking for the best applications for our customers and thus continue to work on our close network of (development) partnerships with global, leading technology and content suppliers.

UNICEPTA customers thus always receive cutting-edge technology alongside support and service. We make sure that the rapid technical progress quickly makes its way into the corresponding customer-specific solutions to make sure they are always state of the art.

Upon request, we also offer complete newsroom solutions: from the concept via project management through to the implementation. We will also gladly provide hardware consulting.

Digital Consulting

In cooperation with you, our Digital Consultants will find out which Media Intelligence solution you need. As part of this cooperation, they will create the corresponding dashboards, carry out training sessions, and continually optimize systems during operations.

With your input, we will develop media and analytics platforms to serve comprehensive and complex information needs. We will implement your individual requirements: from content (news, insights) via functionality and reporting, to your preferred visual design.

Once the dashboards are ready in terms of technology and content, the next step will follow immediately: user training. We are offering both in-person events as well as online training – for either the team of experts or a larger user base.

In close coordination with you, we will continually work on the solutions in order to to reflect new communications requirements and your topics of interest to the best of our abilities.

Another advantage for you: we will also take care of the integration of the dashboards into your information and IT environment.

Portal UNICEPTAmind

We define quality as everyone at your company receiving precisely the information that is important to them. That is why we have developed our UNICEPTAmind dashboard, the leading enterprise solution for optimal information management.

Integrated, intuitive, and customizable – our UNICEPTAmind customer portal sets new standards in the way information is processed and presented. In close partnership with our customers, our software experts and computer linguists have developed a platform that checks all the boxes for efficient information management. From the various editions of your media review and cross-media real-time news feed to reputation analysis and web analytics - UNICEPTAmind guarantees intelligent access to all media channels and UNICEPTA content modules on an integrated platform.


All of our services can be subscribed to on a user-specific basis on the UNICEPTAmind platform. At the same time, the UNICEPTAmind portal supports workflow with its various features. Do you want to see your top priority issues and stakeholders directly when you log into the dashboard? No problem. With our customizable and module-spanning homepage, you can easily set up your highly personalized digital desk in just a few clicks.


users worldwide


qualified alerts a day

135 m

media sources on one platform

UNICEPTAmind – your customized news dashboard

  • All channels (incl. social media) and services on one platform
  • High level of customization
  • User-specific dashboard views
  • Customizable, module-spanning homepage
  • Innovative features to support your internal workflow
  • Range of search and filter functions for your cross-media issue management
  • Qualified and non-qualified real-time news feeds
  • Analysis dashboard to access your reputation analyses
  • Real-time web analytics
  • Attractive self-service function, e.g. email alerts, bookmark function, document management, chart options and export
  • Live updates thanks to push technology

Corporate Newsroom

In cooperation with you, we develop the digital information management for your Newsroom. Your advantage: We take over the complete data management and tailor-made visualization – covering mobile devices, employees’ desktops and large screen walls.

We combine all the data streams you require for communication and brand management: for instance, cross-media real-time monitoring, influencer monitoring, real-time media analysis and analytical data on your own social media channels. This guarantees you and your team have everything under control and can make informed decisions.



Data management in the Lufthansa newsroom

We continuously advance our solutions for Corporate Newsrooms. In addition to an appealing visualisation, our focus is also on the development of new features which make the Newsroom a handy tool for your impactful communication management. 

The various features of the custom Newsroom configuration can be managed via an app. You can also gain deeper insights into the data at defined points – for example, to call up the reach or individual posts.

In addition, it is also possible to mirror all actions executed via the app on the screens of individual users. Our Newsroom solution allows you to moderate your morning reporting based on facts – regardless of the location of your colleagues.


From the Newsroom to actual data experience

We have already developed and implemented customized Newsroom concepts for numerous customers, for instance, in collaboration with Lufthansa Group.

In the Lufthansa Newsroom, all content is transferred to the corresponding devices fully configured. The video wall visualizes data in real-time that is required for a quick assessment of the current situation. Which news in print, traditional and social media are circulating? What are the most viral tweets and posts on the company?

The desktops and mobile devices of the individual employees turn the relevant data for every respective task into an experience: How is our own content shared? How do topics develop? What do the key influencers say? Individual configuration enables us to gain personally relevant insights from big data.

We are also able to embed data from media resonance analysis and market research into all displays and screens:

Individual visualization & design

All data flows are bundled

Monitor walls, desktops and mobile devices

Data preparation for various roles/jobs

Data from the analysis of media response and market research can also be integrated on all displays and screens.

Do you require additional information about the digital information management solution that suits you best? Our team will be happy to support you with the conception and implementation.


Your access to the Corporate Newsroom

You have the choice. Set up your Corporate Newsroom now! We will be happy to guide you on the most suitable data management for your newsroom!

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Visualization on 1 screen


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  • newsfeed
  • owned social media channels

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Visualization on 1 or 2 screens


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  • real-time analytics

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Newsroom concept


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  • intranet
  • content management system
  • broadcast
  • editorial calendar
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