Global Media Monitoring

Quick and precise understanding

  • Global Media Monitoring

  • Quick and precise understanding

True global reach. All media platforms, online and off. AI analytics to convert intelligence into focused insights and actions. We’ve transformed media monitoring into a powerful strategic advantage to drive your company to outperform.

For today’s leading companies, everything communicated about you — by anyone, anywhere in the world — can affect ongoing success. For multinationals with complex operations, that media footprint is more diverse and complex than ever. Point-product software or single-platform services like social-only crawling apps can actually make your job harder, not easier.

UNICEPTA is a pioneer and leader in end-to-end Global Media Monitoring solutions. With thorough, well-integrated media intelligence, compilation and editorial services, media and influencer database, and live social analytics, we capture what others can’t — across the full range of public media, digital and social platforms, around the world, 24/7/365.

Performance Media Intelligence

The next level in converting monitoring and intelligence into results – driving the news flow around you

As communications becomes faster and multifaceted – more platforms, and places, more immediate and interconnected — executives need more powerful solutions to stay on top of corporate reputation objectives.


What you get and how you benefit

  • A more comprehensive content repository – 150 million cross-media sources – automatically scanned and analyzed via AI
  • Tailor-made monitoring by review, audience, and device – from daily overviews on mobile to executive briefings
  • Highly detailed overviews that dig into opportunities, risks, and response scenarios
  • Managed through our scalable, integrated UNICEPTA Mind portal — anyway, anywhere you need
  • Value-added services, including Smart KPIs and mutilingual editorial


Intelligence that drives Performance — that’s the UNICEPTA difference.


    Adaptive information portals that optimize information management for individual needs

    How do your colleagues want intelligence information delivered to them? Most extended organizations tell us ‘every possible way that works’. That’s why we’ve made our UNICEPTA Mind portal the most integrated, intuitive and customizable user experience for media and data intelligence.

      What you get and how you benefit

      • Smart unified platform access to media channels and content modules
      • User-specific subscription and personalization capabilities
      • Scalable from mobile to tablet to desktop to newsroom
      • Innovative features to support internal workflow: search and filter, analytics, alerts, document management
      • Interoperability across UNICEPTA and third-party applications


      With intelligent, personalized access to all of your intelligence resources in a single interface, your team is able to view, learn and act on what matters – faster and more effectively – for a higher level of company performance.


      users worldwide


      qualified alerts a day

      135 m

      media sources on one platform

      Media & Influencer Database

      Connecting with influential journalists and opinion leaders to amplify your coverage

      What you track is only as good as the depth of who and where you can reach. Not just more journalists, analysts, opinion leaders, and influencers, but the right ones.


      What you get and how you benefit

      • Worldwide coverage of over 800,000 media contacts
      • Precise, target approach – quality and accuracy in prioritising your contact universe
      • Capture opportunities through analysis of current and important conversations
      • Quick and easy smart-automated distribution of messages, content and stories
      • Integrated Digital Ecosystem – through UNICEPTA’s Communications Cycle suite of media and data intelligence solutions


      We help top multinational companies deepen and continuously improve their media and influencer relations for maximum performance.

      Features and Benefits

      UNICEPTA’s visionary AI-based media and data intelligence technologies and services are the engine behind our Global Media Monitoring solutions, with key features for extended reach, seamless integration, and engaging information delivery.


      • Database: 150 million daily inputs from online and social media, news agencies, print, broadcast TV and radio. Media & influencer database with more than 800,000 media contacts

      • Scope: global, regional, and single-country reach, 26 languages natively translated and coded

      • Products: news & content feeds, compilation & review, editorial services — up to 7000 alerts, monitoring outputs, abstracts, and reports every day

      • Over 300 editors, researchers and linguists: Set-up in dedicated industry teams, they validate, select and categorize the information on the relevant issues for you

      • AI powered analytics across services for Smart KPIs correlated to business performance

      • Delivery: any format, platform, or screen, via dashboards, app, email, feeds, video, printed reports, in-person presentations

      • Frequency: adhoc, alert, regular, real-time


      Each UNICEPTA client has the option to tailor to specific requirements in central HQ and divisional or geographic centers. We can also recommend best-practice models for similar organizations. We adapt to whatever you need.