Gain new perspectives and develop a course of action – with our insights for your topics

Better decision-making

  • Gain new perspectives and develop a course of action – with our insights for your topics

  • Better decision-making


You can only make the right decisions for strategy, communication, and marketing, when they are based in fact. UNICEPTA provides relevant information and insights to position your company optimally, and helps you address issues that are important to your stakeholders. 

Our analysts and researchers gain the insights you need from the flood of information - and provides actionable insights based on that research. We offer an integrated 360° approach to our global analysis that strengthens our research expertise, allowing us to support all aspects of your communication and brand management needs.

Our experienced communication advisers are always available to demonstrate and review findings and recommendations to C-suite level members while collaborating on successful strategy development and positioning opportunities.

We develop relevant insights based on global data from a full media landscape including, social media, and incorporating market research. From topic analysis and reputation checks, to market and competitor analysis, – our research services provide you with the quick and precise knowledge you need to make strategic and operative decisions.

We develop the analysis scope and reporting needs collaboratively with you from the very beginning. Our offices in Washington D.C. and Shanghai enrich our data on cross-border issues, and independently curate regional reports. 

Top executives trust that our research enables them to make safe and correct decisions. Our client base includes two thirds of all Dax-listed companies, as well as many global players and leading mid-sized corporations.

Strategy & Positioning

Communication is most valuable when it supports the business strategy. We can advise and support you in strategically aligning your communication to best support these messages through hands-on experience and insights from our research services.

In an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment, organizations need strategic guidelines more than ever. This is the best way to ensure that your strategic positioning is supporting company success.

We provide vital support in translating corporate strategies into communications targets, which can then be used to identify the most appropriate content and measures.


Profound and research-based

From topic and channel management to CEO positioning, campaigns and messaging, our consultants work with you to figure out how to bring the right messages to stakeholders. The insights we gain from our analysis provides you with a proper toolbox for concise decision-making.


    Our services

    • Development of communications strategies
    • Positioning of organizations, people, and brands
    • Topic architecture
    • Channel management
    • Issue maps and issue radar
    • CEO positioning
    • Communication scorecards
    • Positioning research: Market and competition analysis

    Topic Analysis

    Smart positioning requires an understanding of trends in public debate. Our research services identify topic drivers, key stakeholders, and recommended next steps that are most important to you.

    What is the best approach for reacting to unexpected media trends on short notice? Who is currently shaping the discussion, and what messages are resonating? Our topic analysis can provide insight into answering these difficult questions. We provide you with valuable information and consult on assessing communications and positioning issues, even on short notice.

    Our topic analysis explores how megatrends – such as AI or digital transformation – develop internationally, and which positioning strategies can be adopted by your company for the most success.


    Access to data

    UNICEPTA has an enormous amount of data on company-relevant stakeholders and topics. We can provide you with pre-qualified content, bypassing the research phase that other firms need to start with. This leads to faster results for you.

    Our database of raw content grows continuously as we view and evaluate up to 15,000 articles and posts daily as part of our monitoring services. In addition, we have access to all relevant media databases. Experienced analysts and consultants package and present the findings to you and are available for follow-up and consultation of your ideas and reactions.


    Our topic analysis

    • Assess complex topics and issues
    • Tools to help with decision-making, especially on short notice
    • Identify most important stakeholders and their positions
    • Both national and international perspectives
    • Discover resonance of topics within your industry

    From our editorial briefings to comprehensive measurement and analysis we provide you with the best report options to answer your most important questions.

    Players & Multipliers

    Public debates are significantly shaped by players and multipliers. Our research service identifies the relevant influencers for a specific topic – and analyses their arguments and positions.

    Who are the central players and multipliers? Which channels do they use to communicate their arguments and massages? How are they perceived and discussed by the media? And which course for action can be derived for your own communication?

    Our analysts and researchers identify those players and multipliers which are important for your specific issue or question. We analyse which channels the players and multipliers use to appear in the media, what message and what impact they have. 

    The results will provide valuable insights, on the basis of which you can better plan and align your communication or marketing activities. Naturally, we define the analytical framework in consultation with you - based on your question and the desired depth of our analysis. We can also support you with short-term communication queries – you will receive our report on C-level within 24 to 72 hours (depending on the agreed scope).


      Put it in a nutshell, we show you:

      • Players and multipliers with highest impact
      • key arguments and positions
      • generated media range
      • reliable overall judgement

      Reputation Check

      No business can survive without cooperation. However, business relationships with companies, organizations and private individuals do not only provide opportunities, they also pose risks – if, for example, the reputation of your business partners has been tarnished. With our reputation check, we enable you to determine and better assess reputation risks early on.

      Comprehensive analysis across all media

      Are you threatened by a negative image transfer? Whether it is a company or an individual person – our analysts systematically analyze your (potential) cooperation partner’s reputation. We analyze the international media coverage (print/online) as well as the social web – according to your individual questions. We also include the target’s relevant own social media channels in our analysis.

      We prepare all the results for you in a structured report with a catchy visualization, providing you with a well-founded overview that enables you to identify and weigh up potential risks. Use our insights to make better decisions.


      Put in a nutshell, we provide:

      • Strength and development of the media presence
      • The most important topics, players and issues
      • Identification of “red flag” topics
      • The tonality of media coverage
      • Risks of a negative image transfer
      • A well-founded overall judgment on the reputation

      Market & Competition Analysis

      From key financial figures and rivals’ marketing strategies to economic developments, we provide you with essential information and insights for your strategic decisions.

      Comprehensive and concise information on markets and competitors is of paramount importance when it comes to goal-oriented positioning in a highly competitive market. How do international competitors position themselves on the issues of e-mobility, sustainability, or smart manufacturing? How do they communicate their strategy?


      Gain the relevant insights from a wealth of information

      Only up-to-date and accurate information provides the basis for strategic and operative decisions concerning business development and positioning. We create a qualitative basis for you, drawing on its international research expertise and in-depth industry knowledge.

      Our market and competition analysis help you to better evaluate new international rivals and take their activities into account for your planning process. We take a look at how your competitors are positioned in communications concerning individual product areas and topics, helping you to identify options for your own positioning.


        Our market and competition services

        • Identification of positioning, product & market developments, competitors‘ strategies
        • Analysis of international marketing and communication strategies
        • Research on key financial figures, value chains, and partnerships
        • Stakeholder developments and issues
        • Preparation as report on C-level