YouTube phenomenon Rezo: Disruption of public debate in Germany

What can companies learn from the Rezo case for their communications?

  • Germany debates on social media
  • Newly politicized influencers might look for new targets - companies should be alert
  • Climate crisis as a very important touchstone

Observers have described the CDU’s reaction to the video made by YouTuber Rezo shortly before the European elections as a perfect example of a communications disaster. It is a lesson in what happens if one neglects social media as an important space for public debate – and where inexpert handling of the newly-politicized influencers can lead.

UNICEPTA’s analysis goes one step further: The Rezo video could come to represent a true turning point in media communications. The results show that traditional media found themselves sidelined in the public debate, to the point of nigh-on irrelevance. At this point, Germany was discussing politics (almost) exclusively on social media. 

Coverage at times carried clear undertones of astonishment at influencers simply interfering in politics in such a manner. But the new reality is this: climate policy is now also, in part, the affair of gamers with enormous reach. For many of them, the climate crisis is no longer a “media topic”, but perceived to be a close and present danger.

So what lessons can companies learn from the Rezo video? The climate crisis may become a crucial touchstone. Our latest Impulse highlights why they have to be familiar with their own role within political realms, observe developments, and understand the dynamics of communications.


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