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Young, established, and fast-growing: UNICEPTA Shanghai

-      UNICEPTA Shanghai grew by 25 percent in the financial year 2016/17.

-      UNICEPTA is aiming for 30 percent growth in the coming year.

-      UNICEPTA has created the China Desk.


In its fifth year, the UNICEPTA office in Shanghai recorded 25 percent growth. "We have quickly established ourselves as a reliable media intelligence partner in China," sums up Managing Partner Georg Stahl. He is aiming for 30 percent growth next year.


UNICEPTA has created a China Desk for Media and Business Intelligence Services, a competence center and a contact point for customers who require Chinese-German solutions. The international team supports Chinese customers in Germany and German customers in China with integrated media intelligence consulting services for the successful development and implementation of their strategies. In addition to professional competence, it also comes with the necessary intercultural experience.

The UNICEPTA office in Shanghai with its more than 30 German and Chinese employees has fully developed its range of services. All media and business intelligence solutions that UNICEPTA offers to support its German customers are also available in Shanghai - naturally tailored to the specifics of the Chinese market and the needs of local companies. Dr. Evelyn Engesser, General Manager in Shanghai, comments: "In China, social media play an even greater role than in Germany, for example, and many popular channels such as WeChat or Weibo are hardly known outside China. Because we know both markets very well, we are able to advise and support our customers in Germany as well as in China."


The office has significantly expanded its clientele: while UNICEPTA originally served mainly Chinese subsidiaries of German companies, it now counts international companies such as GroupM and international institutions such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the first purely Chinese companies among its customers.


With our successful offices in Shanghai and Washington, we demonstrate that we are at home in the media markets that are of particular international relevance," says Managing Partner Georg Stahl. In addition, the partner companies in Global Media Intelligence (GMI) cover 15 other media markets.


UNICEPTA Medienanalyse GmbH is a leading global provider for smart media intelligence in innovations/digital consulting, media monitoring, media analysis and research/consulting. Around 700 experts continuously structure the news flow – both around the clock and around the world.  UNICEPTA compiles and presents highly relevant information from print and online media, TV, radio and social-media sources. This day-to-day work serves as a platform for the company to provide analysis and research-based advice for issues related to strategic communication.


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