World Economic Forum 2020

The World Economic Forum 2020 was totally dominated by Donald Trump. The US President, who gave the opening speech in Davos, led our ranking of the strongest topics on all days. In addition to free trade, the digital tax and US domestic issues, discussions focused on climate change. Trump's appearances were countered by those of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who accused politicians and business of inaction.

The ranking of the top 5 most visible companies were led by those with strong CEOs such as Microsoft, Google, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. Huawei was the only non-US company in the ranking.

UNICEPTA has analyzed a total of more than 1.7 million online articles and social media postings.

Davos 2020 | Insights Day 1

US President Donald Trump has dominated the World Economic Forum 2020 from the beginning. In his opening speech he praised his achievements on the US economic situation. Around 70,000 articles and posts have been published in online media and social media (period of observation: 20.01., 3:30 pm, until 21.01., 3:30 pm). Further topics are climate change (37,000 articles and posts) and Greta Thunberg (29,000 articles and posts).

The ranking of the top 5 most visible companies is led by Microsoft. CEO Satya Nadella urges leaders to support immigration. Google, Huawei, PwC and Blackrock are among the top 5, as well.

Davos 2020 | Insights Day 2

With around 170,000 articles and posts, Donald Trump clearly dominated the topics in Davos (period of observation: 21.01., 3:30 pm, until 22.01., 3:30 pm). The main drivers were the reactions to his opening speech, his attacks on Greta Thunberg and his press conference before he left the Alpes.

Google led the ranking of the top 5 most visible companies. CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the important role of artificial intelligence and quantum computing in Davos. Apple, Blackrock, Microsoft and Huawei were among the top 5, as well.

Davos 2020 | Insights Day 3

Donald Trump was again the focus of media coverage during the Annual Meeting's 3rd day (observation period: 22.01., 3 p.m., until 23.01., 3 p.m.). When it comes to climate change, he is the antipode to Europe and Greta Thunberg. Media coverage was also strongly influenced by his statements on free trade.

Blackrock was the most visible company. CEO Larry Fink called for sustainable investment strategies. The top 5 most visible companies also included JP Morgan, Google, Tesla and Apple.

Davos 2020 | Insights Day 4

The buzz on Donald Trump decreased, but he still led the topic ranking of World Economic Forum 2020's last day. Domestic political issues were driving the buzz. At the same time, climate activists condemned the inaction of politics and business (observation period: 23.01., 3 p.m., until 24.01., 3 p.m.).

Google was the strongest company of the day. Goldman Sachs climbed to second place with its call for diverse boards, followed by Tesla, Apple and Microsoft.