World Economic Forum 2019

-  Key takeaways from the 2019 Annual Meeting in Davos

-  Insights on hottest topics, leading media, most visible politicians and companies 


The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos brought together top representatives from politics, business and society to discuss the world’s major issues. UNICEPTA analyzed the media coverage of this year's meeting, which took place in Davos from January 22nd to 25th.


-  How much interest did the WEF 2019 generate in online media and social web?

-  Which were the hottest topics? How did opinion leading media differ from online media and social media?

-  Which politicians had the biggest impact?

-  Which companies were most visible in Davos?

-  Which was the most successful tweet?


UNICEPTA analyzed almost 750,000 articles and postings in opinion leading media in Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA as well as online media and social media published between January 21st  - 28th 2019.


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