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How will the web vote?

UNICEPTA and pr magazin launch social media chancellor duel

The German chancellor is currently outperforming her adversary on socialmedia. Unlike Peer Steinbrück, Angela Merkel is permanently beingmentioned when it comes to political issues, reveals the first part of aquantitative analysis that media monitoring and analysis firm UNICEPTA andpr magazine have launched.

In six issues, from April until September, the magazine will present the findings ofthe internationally active Cologne-based company. They will also do a specialfeature on how mood and involvement on social media influences the way peoplevote in Germany.

UNICEPTA's benchmark analysis shows that Twitter is the most important socialmedia platform for discussion concerning Merkel and Steinbrück, accounting fortwo thirds of all comments. The microblogging platform is followed by variousblogs, which account for around 17 percent of the comments.How do things stand so far in terms of what is being said? The chancellor currentlyenjoys a much greater presence when it comes to key election campaign topics,ranging from energy/environment and labor-market and transport policy to how todeal with the financial markets. Steinbrück is only able to catch up to Merkel whenit comes to the topics of executive pay and the introduction of a minimum wage,which are two traditionally SPD (Social Democrats) topics.

"It has long been true that the mood on social media is of major importance notonly to the world of business, but to the world of politics as well," explains TheresEssmann, Managing Director at UNICEPTA. Researchers had found out, forinstance, that a single Facebook post was able to influence how thousands of UScitizens voted in the 2009 US presidential elections. "We are now for the first timetaking a close look at the extent to which the German election campaign is beingfought out on the web, and the topics being addressed," adds Essmann. "It willbecome clear how important social media analysis and management is, not onlyfor companies, but for political parties as well."


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