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UNICEPTA opens office in Washington

Christopher Alan Splet becomes Head of UNICEPTA US

UNICEPTA, a leading international service provider for media monitoring andanalysis, will open a new office in Washington, D.C. on 1 March 2014.Christopher Alan Splet, previously Managing Director at Carma International,will join UNICEPTA as the office manager and simultaneously the new "Headof UNICEPTA USA". In addition to his management duties, he will alsocontribute to the operative business, serving our customers in UNICEPTA'sthree fields of activity - media monitoring, analysis and web monitoring.UNICEPTA can now offer its international customers even more consulting andexpertise for their local communication. Several German companies havesubsidiaries on the East Coast, and the information services provider monitors andanalyses all media types for them. In addition, UNICEPTA is winning over moreand more customers headquartered in the U.S.

Splet is coming toUNICEPTA from the U.S.media analysis companyCarma International,where he worked for tenyears in media analysisfor customers in a varietyof sectors, rising fromintern to director. Mostrecently, he was in chargeof the accounts of severalmajor corporations."We are very happy to have won over Christopher Alan Splet, who is anestablished expert in media analysis in general, and specifically the North Americaregion," announced Georg Stahl, a managing director and partner at UNICEPTA."Chris impressed us as a man of action and an expert."
Christopher Alan Splet, for his part, values the opportunity to join the team of an
established player that offers enormous growth potential. “The new office gives us
an opportunity to improve our services even further and seize considerable
synergies – for existing UNICEPTA customers as well as for new customers in
North America.”


UNICEPTA is a leading global provider for monitoring, media analysis, research competence and communication consulting services. Around 550 specialists in Cologne, Berlin, Stuttgart, Shanghai, Krakow and Washington, D.C., structure the newsflow 24/7. UNICEPTA compiles and presents highly relevant information from print and online media, TV, radio and social media sources at short notice. This day-to-day work serves as a platform for the company to provide analysis and research-based advice for issues related to strategic communication.


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