Newcomers Kengeter and Müller conquer the Top5, Dekkers still ahead

–      Marijn Dekkers (Bayer) remains the CEO with the best image among the 30

        DAX-listed companies in the third quarter – ahead of Kasper Rorsted (Henkel)

        and Dieter Zetsche (Daimler)

–      Carsten Kengeter (Deutsche Börse) and Matthias Müller (Volkswagen) start

        with advance praise and high expectations


The trend continues: CEOs are increasingly in the spotlight of the media. Global media analysis company UNICEPTA constantly analyses how German opinion-leading media present and evaluate CEOs with regard to their management qualities as well as their personality. The ranking is based on more than 27,000 articles published by German opinion leading media in the period from January to September 2015.


The complete top 10 (H1 2015 rank in brackets)

1.     Marijn Dekkers, Bayer  (1)

2.     Kasper Rorsted, Henkel  (2)

3.     Dieter Zetsche, Daimler  (3)

4.     Carsten Kengeter, Deutsche Börse (18)

5.     Matthias Müller, Volkswagen (new)

6.     Ulf Schneider, Fresenius (20)

7.     Heinrich Hiesinger, ThyssenKrupp  (8)

8.     Elmar Degenhart, Continental  (7)

9.     Karl-Ludwig Kley, Merck  (9)

10.  Timotheus Höttges, Deutsche Telekom  (10)


Marijn Dekkers maintains his top rank, because German journalists see him as an extremely successful manager sustainably guiding Bayer towards success. “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, for instance, writes, “no matter what CEO Marijn Dekkers does, the Dutchman seems to be successful at everything.” And “Handelsblatt” says: “Bayer’s momentum continues.”


Top5 newcomer Carsten Kengeter is particularly praised for his management qualities and his stringent demeanor. “Manager Magazin” writes, “he seems calm, considerate, never loud, but always determined. But above all, he acts very directly.”


Matthias Müller, too, had a successful start. “Der Spiegel” writes that the new Volkswagen CEO “is not one of these straight-laced careerists. When refugee camps were set on fire almost every day in Germany and all CEOs remained silent, he said: ‘I believe it is high time that business leaders voice their opinion about certain things. We need to oppose extremism and take a stand.’ A man like this might as well be able to convince customers to trust VW again.”


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