UNICEPTA links up with Frankfurt University: China Compendium for Goethe University

UNICEPTA has given a copy of its "Compendium of China's Media Landscape" to the library of Goethe University Frankfurt as a gift. "Business and science should increasingly network and learn and benefit from one another," says Georg Stahl, Managing Partner at UNICEPTA. Supporting Goethe University with UNICEPTA's know-how on China's media market is therefore a logical step, he added.


Dr. Falk Hartig from the "Africa's Asian Options" (AFRASO) research project is impressed by the book's concept. "I have nowhere found a comparable compilation of the Chinese media market's structure and operating principle so far." The book could, for instance, help Asian Studies students get familiar with the topic 'Media in China'", notes Hartig, adding that the compendium is useful for his own research project as well. In addition to the Chinese media market, Hartig investigates how the People's Republic presents itself internationally – here, too, media naturally play a crucial role.


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