Tracking down digital leaders

Companies with international roots are dominating German reporting on digitalisation, with US firms at the head of the pack, reveals UNICEPTA’s 2015 digitalisation study. A number of German firms are also positioning themselves as digital pioneers in the media, but the majority of Dax-listed companies barely feature at all in reporting on digitalisation.

Digitalisation has attracted the attention of German companies in all industries, through new rivals in the form of digital start-ups and the shift towards Industry 4.0 in general. However, only a small number of firms have shaped media coverage. Only five percent of the companies analysed in the study enjoy consistent presence and feature at least once a month in reporting.

The media have so far barely touched on the leadership and cultural challenges related to the digital transformation. In addition, CEOs are only rarely taking advantage of communication opportunities on social media. Furthermore, only one in three Dax-listed companies have assigned a board member to oversee the digitalisation process.

As part of the study “Tracking down digital leaders”, UNICEPTA analysed almost 3,000 articles from major, opinion-leading media, as well as 1.1 million social-media posts.

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