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Digital strategists wanted


The new “Thought Leadership Award” launched by DPRG and UNICEPTA honors PR professionals who lead the cross-media debate in the megatrend of digitalization.


Cologne-based media analysis company UNICEPTA and the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) are looking for the most innovative communicators in Germany. They have therefore launched the “Thought Leadership Award”.

The organizers are looking for professionals in the field of public relations who manage to sustainably present their organization in the public debate with regard to a new mega topic every year.

The first competition will focus on “digitalization”: Which companies are particularly present in the media (social media, print, online)? Which of them are being reported on in a positive way? And which of them continuously participate in the relevant debates with a consistent story?

Extensive special analysis by UNICEPTA Gesellschaft für Medienanalyse forms the basis for determining the winners. The “Thought Leadership Award – Digitalization” will be presented on January 22, 2016, at the Kap Europa in Frankfurt as part of DPRG’s presentation of the International German PR Award.

“Our study will show which industry sectors are in focus regarding digitalization, and with what topics. We will also find out which companies are particularly successful in telling a convincing digital story – be it large corporations, start-ups or medium-sized companies,” says Theres Essmann, Managing Partner responsible for global media analysis and communication consulting.

“The influence of digitalization is a key topic for our professional association,” says DPRG president Norbert Minwegen. “This is why we are very proud to launch this new award together with UNICEPTA, which will honor sustainable communication success in connection with the megatrend of digitalization.”



UNICEPTA Medienanalyse GmbH is a leading global provider for monitoring, media analysis, research competence and communication consulting services. Around 600 experts continuously structure the news flow – both around the clock and around the world. UNICEPTA compiles and presents highly relevant information from print and online media, TV, radio and social-media sources. This day-to-day work serves as a platform for the company to provide analysis and research-based advice for issues related to strategic communication.



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