Infineon wins „Thought Leadership Award 2019“

  • UNICEPTA has analyzed the media positioning in the area of “future viability” of the 240 German companies with the highest revenues. All in all, 3.5 million articles and posts with 13.5 million user reactions were analyzed.
  • Infineon stands out with the best communication on its own future viability.
  • The communications team, led by Klaus Walther, consistently translates the company’s strategy into strong content about digital mega topics.

Infineon Technologies AG has won the “Thought Leadership Award 2019” for the best communication to shape major, public debates in industry and society. In 2019, UNICEPTA and Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft (DPRG) e.V. honor the company with the award which communicated its future viability particularly well in a politically, societally and economically challenging environment.

“Infineon recently managed an impressive comeback. Infineon’s communication positions the company as a company that is viable for the future, innovative and grows strongly – and the media environment attributes viability for the future to Infineon as well,” says Claas Sandrock, Managing Partner of UNICEPTA. “The company’s strategy to bank on mega trends such as new mobility, renewable energy sources, smart homes, IoT and digitalization, is successfully translated into convincing content by the communications team.”

Notable: In nearly 40 percent of all posts on Twitter and Facebook, Infineon’s communications team explicitly and implicitly makes this connection, in one fourth of all external posts and articles, (roughly 15,000), the future-related topics initiated by Infineon are being picked up on. These are outstanding results.

SAP and Zeiss are also very strong in this field. Both companies have positioned themselves as companies with a strong future viability among their stakeholders. SAP achieved this thanks to its very strong economic success; Zeiss’ communication was based on the company’s innovative product portfolio, which is strongly connected to future-related topics such as digitalization, Industry 4.0 and health in an aging society.

The award ceremony of “Thought Leadership Award” will take place as part of the gala on the occasion of DPRG’s  award ceremony for the Internationaler Deutschen PR-Preis (International German PR prize) at Alte Reithalle (Maritim) in Stuttgart on April 11. 


Multistage analysis of 3.5 million posts

The award is based on a comprehensive analysis of editorial media outlets and social media. UNICEPTA has analyzed a total of 3.5 million posts and 13.5 million user reactions in a multistage process. In total, UNICEPTA has analyzed around 3.5 million postings with a total of 13.5 million user reactions in a multi-stage process to determine which of the 240 top-selling companies in Germany in 2018 were the strongest in all media content and predominantly positive with the attribution "future-proof". The analysts evaluated the five strongest companies in each of the five revenue clusters in a manual content analysis. How strong and clear is the evaluation “viable for the future” made by journalists and posts? Finally, the analysts looked at the communication of the five companies on the shortlist: At which company is a strong communication success visible behind the successful positioning?


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