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Deutsche Telekom wins

"Thought Leadership Award 2017"

- Deutsche Telekom actively advances the digital transformation and acts as an influential player in the public debate

- Company communication shows how the digital revolution can be successfully shaped within the company as well as in the society

- UNICEPTA has analyzed 420,000 news items from social media, online, print and broadcast sources that appeared in 2016


Deutsche Telekom is the winner of the "Thought Leadership Award 2017" for the best communication in shaping major public debates in the industry and in the society. UNICEPTA and Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft (DPRG) e.V. have awarded the prize for the second time, this year referring to the most important topic in corporate communications at present, the digital revolution.

"Deutsche Telekom is advancing the digital revolution. And it very convincingly communicates the benefit of innovation and corporate change to a broader public," says Claas Sandrock, managing partner at UNICEPTA. The company has succeeded in getting through with its digital strategy and acts as a strong player in the social debate, he adds.

CEO Tim Höttges, in particular, has managed to position himself as a strong Thought Leader, engaging in a public dialog with important digital stakeholders such as Google CEO Sundar Pichai. With Höttges, and other Deutsche Telekom executives like Reinhard Clemens, Claudia Nemat and Christian Illek, the company has a diverse team to deal with "digital responsibility" and is able to shape the public discussion in way that considerably increases its own scope of action.

"Digitalization is changing everything, especially the way we communicate. Deutsche Telekom has a special role to play here, since its networks are the backbone of digitalization. This is why we believe we have a great responsibility," says Philipp Schindera, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications Deutsche Telekom. "We want to drive an open dialog about the opportunities but also the risks of digitalization."

Another factor taken into consideration for the award: It is Deutsche Telekom's communication itself, under the leadership of Philipp Schindera, that is driving the topic of digitalization forward. A prime example for these efforts is the opening of the "Content Factory" in November 2016 as newsroom and platform for cross-media planning and production of media content.

The selection of the award winner was based on a UNICEPTA analysis of 420,000 news items/contents from social media, online, broadcast and print sources using a complex search mechanism. In addition to the automated analysis, the Thought Leadership Award is the result of the know-how of UNICEPTA's Media Analysis unit, which turns Big Data into Smart Data.

"With Kuka, we were able to honor a medium-sized company as an impressive 'Thought Leader' last year," says DPRG President Norbert Minwegen. "This year, it is Deutsche Telekom, one of Germany's major corporations. This shows us that digital transformation has verifiably become a crucial factor for German companies of all sizes when it comes to communicative and business performance. This was demonstrated by the remarkable development of last year's award winner Kuka and the track record of our new award winner, Deutsche Telekom."

The "Thought Leadership Award" will be presented at the gala for the International German PR Prize of the DPRG on March 23, 2017, at the "Sofitel" hotel in Munich.


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