Swiss Federal Railways CEO Vincent Ducrot defends top position in CEO Image Ranking

  • Vincent Ducrot, CEO of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), once again wins SonntagsZeitung‘s Swiss CEO Image Ranking. His results are positive after one year in office.
  • Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg remains on second place towards the end of his term and scores points with climate protection targets. Holcim CEO Jan Jenisch climbs to the third place in the ranking.
  • However, the CEOs on the lower places of the ranking are increasingly facing criticism.

Vincent Ducrot, CEO of Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), defends his top position in the CEO Image Ranking in the second quarter of 2021. The ranking was published by SonntagsZeitung. He thus repeatedly leads the ranking, for which UNICEPTA analyzed the media presence of the CEOs of all Swiss companies on the SMI as well as Coop, Glencore, Migros, SBB and Swiss Post. The result is positive overall after more than one year in office. Ducrot has changed the corporate culture to the better, among other things by being a “railwayman”, Basler Zeitung sums up. Tages-Anzeiger adds: “The employees were suddenly more satisfied and motivated. And most importantly, trust in the leadership grew strongly." An extensive employee survey that strengthened Ducrot's image in the first quarter is still resonating positively.


Glasenberg (Glencore) scores points towards the end of his term, Jenisch (Holcim) reorganizes the company

There is no change on the second place in the second quarter of the year either. Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg, who was succeeded by Gary Nagle on July 1, scores with the company’s dedicated climate protection targets. Last year, the CO2 reduction target was exceeded by five percent, according to a media report. “And CEO Ivan Glasenberg […] wants to become even more climate-friendly,” writes Finanz und Wirtschaft. Glencore is ready to “support the transition to a low-carbon economy and achieve his goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050,”  Wall Street Journal quotes former CEO Glasenberg as saying.

Jan Jenisch, CEO of the company that officially changed its name into Holcim on July 8 (previously LafargeHolcim), rose to third place. Jenisch is praised for his massive restructuring measures, which have led to a new group identity.  “Cement production is set to become more sustainable. In addition, other pillars with a higher return on investment are set to be strengthened,” writes Finanz und Wirtschaft. Result: The cement producer saw the best first-quarter result ever. "The reorganization of the corporation by CEO Jan Jenisch seems to have a first impact,” adds Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Björn Rosengren climbs to fourth place. “ABB has undergone a fundamental transformation since the new CEO took over. And the shares skyrocket", writes Finanz und Wirtschaft. The concept of the CEO, who sees himself as an active portfolio manager, seems to be bearing fruit. Ulf Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestlé, who is reorganizing a corporation as well, follows on fifth place. Scheider is widely recognized for this: “Stock analysts praise his work. Investors have great confidence in him,” writes Neue Zürcher Zeitung.


Thomas Gottstein in crisis, but indispensable for Credit Suisse

He is followed by Roberto Cirillo (Swiss Post, sixth place), Severin Schwan (Roche, seventh place) and Urs Schaeppi (Swisscom, eighth place). Thomas Gottstein ranks ninth, even though Credit Suisse is currently in crisis following the bankruptcy of asset management company Archegos. It is true that Gottstein is said to be partly responsible for Archegos' losses, writes Tages-Anzeiger. Nevertheless, the new chairman of the administrative board, António Horta-Osório, expresses his confidence in Gottstein, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Looking for a new CEO is the last thing Credit Suisse needs right now, writes Der Blick. Thomas Gottstein is indispensable for the bank at the moment, the outlet adds.

The ranking concludes with a double tie-up, with these CEOs not being free from criticism either. Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch, is struggling to get revenues "as close as possible back to pre-crisis levels," according to Finanz und Wirtschaft. Novartis CEO Vasant Narasimhan scores points with a clear commitment to generics manufacturer Sandoz, although the production of generic drugs is far less profitable than the high-tech medicine business, writes St. Galler Tagblatt.


For SonntagsZeitung’s CEO image ranking, UNICEPTA evaluated 630 articles published from January to June 2021 in Swiss leading media as well as Der Spiegel, FAZ, Handelsblatt, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist. The ranking is based on results from UNICEPTA's "SMI Benchmark." With the SMI Benchmark, the media & data intelligence provider continuously records the media presence of all SMI CEOs (plus Swiss Post, SBB, Coop, Glencore and Migros) as well as the tonality of media coverage.


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