The world in flames:
Where should companies act?

The most important sustainability topics in the media and how companies can position themselves

The wildfires in the Amazon region have further fueled the debate about the climate crisis. Over the last three months, public interest in sustainability issues has risen by 80 percent globally.

UNICEPTA's analysis shows what these issues are and how they differ in different countries: Green energy dominated the US, activist groups Germany and the UK, and emission reductions was the strongest topic in China.

It can be pivotal for companies to commit to holistic approaches to save the climate. In order to succeed, they need sound findings that can serve as the basis for their strategy. UNICEPTA's analysis provides initial starting points.


In this report

  • Which topics shape the global debate on sustainability
  • Detailed analysis of China, Germany, the UK and the USA
  • Why CO2 neutrality is the new benchmark
  • Which companies stand out in the media with their strategy to achieve climate neutrality
  • How companies can identify and manage their sustainability issues and positioning through listening

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