Pharma and Covid-19: creating a new future

The COVID-19 pandemic has been shaken up the world for most of 2020. As the most critical sector within the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a massive increase in visibility in the media conversation.

We are seeing the beginnings of a substantial sentiment shift for pharmaceutical companies. More negative assessments dominated before the pandemic, then first-wave tonality moved quickly to positive, settling to neutral but improved as the second waves began. With the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine announcements, we can expect another positive burst.

Company reputations across the industry can benefit, but the window of opportunity will not remain open permanently. Pharma companies can ride the wave passively, or use it to advance fresh and more comprehensive, purpose-driven narratives.


UNICEPTA has analyzed more than eight million articles and posts about the pharmaceutical industry in English, German, Spanish and French. We used AI-driven technologies alongside our industry-specific communications expertise to identify the changing global public perception of the industry.

  • How has Covid-19 changed public perception of the industry?
  • How has the tonality changed over the last twelve months?
  • Which Pharma companies are leading the debate?
  • What can Pharma companies do to leap to the next level?

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