First "Thought Leadership Award" by UNICEPTA and DPRG goes to KUKA


- KUKA AG impresses with its intelligent communication of the mega topic "Digitalization" and has an exemplary reputation when it comes to implementing Industry 4.0 and automation.

- CEO Till Reuter is a popular interview partner and visionary when it comes to the increasing digitalization and its various consequences.

- UNICEPTA has analyzed more than 1.1 million news items from opinion-leading and social media.

(Cologne / Berlin – January 14, 2016)  KUKA AG and its CEO Till Reuter are the winners of the first "Thought Leadership Awards 2015". UNICEPTA Medienanalyse GmbH and the German Public Relations Association (DPRG) present the award each year to the one German company which has been particularly successful in positioning itself with regard to the communications topic of the year.

"With the Thought Leadership Award, DPRG and UNICEPTA are honoring outstanding communication services in areas of particular social relevance based on a cross-media analysis," says Theres Essmann, Managing Partner at UNICEPTA. "The big issue digitalization offers companies a great opportunity to position themselves. KUKA and its CEO Till Reuter succeeded particularly well in presenting innovative technologies in a generally accessible way."

KUKA's communication of the issue is not just one-dimensional with regard to its own products (robotics, automation), but continuously refers to the contribution to society as a whole and to future implications of digitalization (energy efficiency and sustainability, job security for Germany as an industrial location, contribution towards mitigating the looming shortage of nurses because of demographic change).

"This success also shows that the sheer size of a company is not the sole crucial factor for successful communication," Essmann adds. "KUKA has also surpassed larger players in the communications field."


"Medium-sized companies are the backbone of the German economy – they are a driver of innovation and the extended workbench, so to speak," highlights DPRG President Norbert Minwegen. "They can also compete with the biggest German companies in terms of communication, as KUKA impressively proves. We are excited about this award winner."


Dr. Till Reuter was pleased to receive the award: "Progressive digitalization is a rapid development which is of central importance for us, but also for our customers and partners. We are convinced that German medium-sized companies like KUKA can and should play an important role in this development. Therefore, we have strongly focused on public dialogue and I am of course delighted that this is being recognized. I am proud of and grateful to my KUKA communications team and all the staff who have helped."


The selection of the award winner was based on a UNICEPTA analysis of more than 1.1 million news items from opinion-leading and social media. The company also analyzed the visibility of the top 5 candidates' communication on the topic on their own channels as well as the commitment of the CEO as a "Thought Leader."


The "Thought Leadership Award" will be presented at the gala for the International German PR Prize of the DPRG on January 22, 2016, at the "Kap Europa" in Frankfurt am Main.


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