Fake News: In the web of lies

Digital propaganda, and how it impacts freedom of speech and democratic opinion-forming

  • Panel discussion in Zurich on May 29th
  • Keynote speech by journalist and author Ingrid Brodnig; further guests: Constantin Seibt (Republik), Prof. Valentin Groebner (University of Lucerne), Thomas Haemmerli (filmmaker and author)

Donald Trump is seen as the master of fake news. According to the Washington Post, the US President made over 10,000 false or misleading allegations in the first 828 days of his presidency. Even after the Brexit vote or before the EU elections fake news are supposed to influence the opinion-forming process. Once released via social media, they go around the world almost in real time and can hardly be stopped.

According to a study, four out of five Swiss citizens see fake news as a threat to democracy and social cohesion. The media and companies are also affected – and have to protect their reputation.

Why are Fake News so successful? How can they be debunked? What danger does fake news actually pose? And how should media, politics, business, and the public deal with it?

A panel discussion on Wednesday, May 29th, will provide facts. On the initiative of UNICEPTA, discussions will take place in the cosmos of Zurich:

  • Ingrid Brodnig, Austrian journalist and author of several books on Fake News
  • Prof. Valentin Groebner, historian, University of Lucerne
  • Constantin Seibt, co-founder of the "Republic".
  • Presenter: Thomas Haemmerli, filmmaker and author


Event details:

  •     Kosmos Zurich, Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zurich
  •     Wednesday, May 29th, 7 pm, Klub.
  •     Free entrance


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