Claas Sandrock to become Senior Advisor to UNICEPTA Group

January 2022 change from Management Board of UNICEPTA Group to new strategic role as Senior Advisor

Cologne, September 27, 2021 – Claas Sandrock (56), currently Managing Partner for Strategy, Innovation, Analytics&Insights and Marketing Intelligence, will become a Senior Advisor to UNICEPTA Group on 1 January, 2022. In his new role, he will support the revamped management board around CEO Jochen Freese in an advisory role on strategic growth topics. Jochen Freese, currently CEO at Ingenico Marketing Solutions, will join UNICEPTA on 1 October 2021.

Since becoming a Managing Partner of UNICEPTA Group in 2016, Claas Sandrock has significantly shaped the company’s orientation towards becoming a leading international quality and innovation pioneer in media and marketing intelligence. Claas Sandrock joined UNICEPTA after stints as communications chief of E-Plus and Beiersdorf and as Partner of Brunswick Group. “It has been my mission to, together with all my colleagues within the company and its management, further develop UNICEPTA in terms of substance and organization, thus strengthening our position as international innovation leader with an excellent client portfolio,” says Claas Sandrock.

Krischan von Moeller, Founding Partner of Paragon Partners and majority shareholder of UNICEPTA Group since 2018: “Claas has left a lot of very important strategic and practical marks at UNICEPTA, promoting the company’s further development. We are delighted to retain his services in his new role as Senior Advisor, with a focus on future growth topics.”


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