Artificial intelligence - a big issue in Switzerland

-  Who are the thought leaders regarding artificial intelligence?

-  What are the most important AI topics in Switzerland – compared to China, Germany, UK and the US?

-  What companies, media and organizations drive media buzz?

Artificial intelligence is the biggest digitalization issue worldwide. The UNICEPTA-Impulse shows that Switzerland plays a key role: measured against the number of inhabitants, the topic of “Artificial Intelligence” has a greater presence in Switzerland than in the comparative markets of China, Germany, UK and US.

All told, UNICEPTA has analyzed almost 110,000 pieces of online news and social media posts published in Switzerland between January and October 2018.

The debate on artificial intelligence is mainly driven by scientific institutions and organizations such as the World Economic Forum and SwissCognitive. When it comes to companies, the discussion is dominated by the major technology leaders from the US; they achieve a markedly bigger share of voice than Swiss firms.

The weighting of topics within the mega trend “Artificial Intelligence” is of particular interest for communicators: Machine Learning is the most important topic in Switzerland, as well as in Germany, UK and US. In China’s media market, on the other hand, Robotics is the leading topic.


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