Artificial Intelligence – a media career

Artificial Intelligence is the strongest trending topic in the microcosm of digitalization, IoT is already stagnating

Digitalization is the quintessential mega topic all around the globe. Stakeholders are asking companies and organizations how they will master digitalization. Companies that are able to provide convincing answers are considered to be fit for the future – others not so much.

For communicators, this represents an enormous challenge, in particular since many aspects related to the overarching topic of digitalization go through tremendously quick rotations. The UNICEPTA-Impulse on Artificial Intelligence showcases this. It quickly becomes clear: the topic of Artificial Intelligence has seen a meteoric rise recently – and now is the most visible topic in the microcosm of digitalization.

The Internet of Things, meanwhile, is already stagnating as a subject. "Companies should consider how they handle these quick and profound topic shifts in their corporate communication," says Claas Sandrock, Managing Partner at UNICEPTA.

Looking at the US and German media markets clearly shows: US journalists increasingly focus on concrete Artificial Intelligence applications and stress the corresponding opportunities. Their German colleagues, meanwhile, stress the overall context and see bigger risks.

For the Impulse, UNICEPTA has analyzed the digital buzz (online news and social media) in four language areas: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese.


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