Green Hydrogen

A window of opportunity for thought leadership

  • Green Hydrogen

  • A window of opportunity for thought leadership

During the last year, Green Hydrogen has emerged as a public topic with a growing footprint. When the German government decided upon its green hydrogen strategy in June, the topic’s visibility reached its short-term peak. Influencers from different backgrounds voiced their opinion, leading to an overall positive tonality of the topic.

While the June 2020 peak in visibility is clearly news driven, the overall topic remains an attractive field for thought leadership in a so far uncontroversial field. We see a window of opportunity to become a visible and credible voice in sustainability and innovation.

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What you will find in the current UNICEPTA insight report

With AI-driven technology and human ingenuity, UNICEPTA analyzed more than 160,000 articles and posts on Green Hydrogen in German and English language. This research provides you with an in-depth look into:

  • Emerging topics
  • The most important influencers and stakeholders driving the public debate
  • The most visible companies in Germany

Knowing public debates, the underlying dynamics and the relevant players give valuable insights for drafting communication strategies as this research demonstrates. Download now UNICEPTA's insight report.

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