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    Wolf and his team research background information and facts

    Research Service

Research Service

Our research expertise gives you the edge. From key financial figures and rivals’ marketing strategies to economic developments, we provide you with essential information for your strategic decisions.

Our research expertise gives you the edge. From key financial figures and rivals’ marketing strategies to economic developments, we provide you with essential information for your strategic decisions.

Comprehensive and concise information on markets and competitors is of paramount importance when it comes to goal-oriented positioning in a highly competitive market.

How do international competitors position themselves on the issues of e-mobility, sustainability, or smart manufacturing? How do they communicate their strategy?

Only up-to-date and accurate information provides the basis for strategic and operative decisions concerning business development and positioning. UNICEPTA creates a qualitative basis for you, drawing on its international research expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. Our market analysis help you to better evaluate new international rivals and take their activities into account for your planning process. We take a look at how your competitors are positioned in communications concerning individual product areas and topics, helping you to identify options for your own positioning.

The best team for you

Our team is set up according to your specific requirements, with the team consisting of economics and business-administration graduates, political scientists, researchers, journalists, analysts, scientists, and social researchers. Our offices in Washington, Shanghai, and Krakow supply information for transnational issues and put together reports on their regions.

“Only by having precise knowledge of the market and competitors can you position yourself successfully.”

Wolf Rühl, Head of Research Service, UNICEPTA

Our market and competition services

  • Identification of positioning, product & market developments, competitors‘ strategies
  • Analysis of international marketing and communication strategies
  • Research on key financial figures, value chains, and partnerships
  • Stakeholder developments and issues

Topic Dossiers

Clever positioning requires having a feel for trends in public debate. Our research service identifies topic drivers, arguments, and further developments.

How should we react to media topics that crop up at short notice? Who is currently shaping the debate, and what messages and arguments are being used? Our topic dossiers give you intelligence on difficult topics. They provide you with valuable information and serve as a reference for assessing communications and positioning issues, even at short notice.

UNICEPTA Research Services:
Service options for your specific needs

What impact do the debates on major topics have on the company? The UNICEPTA dossiers show you how megatrends – such as demographic change and future mobility – develop internationally, and which positioning strategies can be adopted.

Take advantage of our wealth of data

UNICEPTA Research Services:
Service options for your specific needs

UNICEPTA has an enormous amount of data on company-relevant stakeholders and topics. We have access to pre-qualified content, whereas others have to first start with the research phase. At our research center, we enable you to make use of this raw content, which constantly grows as a result of up to 15,000 articles and posts being viewed and evaluated as part of our daily monitoring services. In addition, we have access to all relevant media, economic, and study databases. Experienced analysts and consultants present the findings to you, indicate further developments, and are on hand to discuss your ideas.


new qualified alerts per day


reporting slides per month

Our Topic Dossiers

  • On challenging topics and issues
  • A tool to help make decisions regarding communications and positioning issues (at short notice)
  • Identification of the most important stakeholders and their arguments
  • International comparison
  • Development scenarios
  • Reveal to what extent a topic affects you and give advice on what can be done

Reputation check

No business can survive without cooperation. However, business relationships with companies, organizations and private individuals do not only provide opportunities, they also pose risks – if, for example, the reputation of your business partners has been tarnished. With our reputation check, we enable you to determine and better assess reputation risks early on.

Are you threatened by a negative image transfer? Whether it is a company or an individual person – our competent and experienced analysts systematically analyze your (potential) cooperation partner’s reputation. We analyze the German and international media coverage (print/online) of the last two years as well as the social web – according to your individual questions. We also include the target’s relevant own social media channels in our analysis.

We prepare all the results for you in a structured report with a catchy visualization, providing you with a well-founded overview that enables you to identify and weigh up potential risks.

Put in a nutshell, we provide:

  • Strength and development of the media presence
  • The most important topics, players and issues
  • The tonality of media coverage
  • Risks of a negative image transfer
  • A well-founded overall judgment on the reputation

Use our insights to make better decisions. 

Are you interested in our reputation check? Please do not hesitate to contact us.




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