Total global reach on all media platforms, online and off. AI analysis to convert intelligence into focused insights and actions.

We’ve transformed media monitoring into a powerful strategic advantage to drive your business performance.

For today’s leading companies, everything communicated about you — by anyone, anywhere in the world — can affect ongoing success. Point-product software or single-platform services only do a partial job, making your job harder, not easier.

UNICEPTA is a market leader in end-to-end Global Media Monitoring solutions. With thorough, well-integrated media intelligence, compilation and editorial services, media and influencer databases, and live digital and social analytics, we capture what others can’t — across everything, around the world, 24/7/365.

Global Media Monitoring

The next level in converting intelligence into results – driving the news flow around you

As communications becomes faster and multifaceted – more platforms and places, more immediate and interconnected — executives need more powerful resources to stay on top of corporate reputation objectives.


Our Monitoring and Intelligence solutions deliver:

  • A more comprehensive content repository – 460 million cross-media sources – automatically scanned and analyzed via artificial intelligence.
  • Tailor-made intelligence by review, audience, and device – from daily mobile overviews to executive briefings
  • Highly detailed analysis that digs into opportunities, risks, and response scenarios
  • Managed through our integrated UNICEPTA OpenMind platform — anyway, anywhere you need
  • Value-added services, including Smart KPIs, licensing services and multilingual editorial


Intelligence that drives Performance — that’s the UNICEPTA difference.

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    Active Listening

    Outside-in stakeholder insight for more relevant communications

    An internal ‘bubble’ can hide opportunities and risks in the real world. Active Listening keeps your team externally focused on influential voices who drive positive opinion.


    Our Active Listening application delivers:

    • Live global data access from 460 million online, print, social, and broadcast sources
    • User-friendly analytics shaped into custom high-impact visual dashboards, with precise overviews on coverage, topics, trends, and influencers
    • Objective, external data and insights for the most relevant opportunities
    • Instant tracking and evaluation via smart KPIs


    Combining proactive outside-in thinking with inside-out doing, we help you pull more and push less in driving your Corporate Reputation.

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      Stakeholder Engagement Suite

      End-to-end engagement of the total universe around your business

      With today’s stakeholders and influencers — from activist shareholders to social media stars to high-profile politicians — you need to know more about all of them to stay ahead of the flow. Our Stakeholder Engagement Suite uses AI-powered analytics to identify and provide guidance for different ‘personas’ impacting your company.


      Our Stakeholder Engagement Suite delivers:

      • Oversight of current stakeholders and impact
      • Overview of potential stakeholders and influencers coming your way
      • Position and impact reports for a systematic approach
      • Market-by-market direction for ongoing engagement and argumentation


      A proactive and unified way to manage a greater range of diverse players in your company’s ecosystem.

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      Media & Influencer Database

      Connecting with influential opinion leaders to amplify your coverage

      What you track is only as good as the depth and quality of who and where you can track. Not just more journalists, analysts, and influencers, but the right ones.


      Our Media & Influencer Database delivers:

      • Worldwide coverage of over 800,000 contacts
      • Precise, targeted approach – for quality and accuracy in capturing opportunities through analysis of current and important conversations
      • Quick and easy smart-automated distribution of messages, content and stories
      • Integrated digital ecosystem – through our suite of media and data intelligence solutions


      We help top multinationals continuously improve media and influencer relations for maximum performance.

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