New Mobility: How Corona changed the public perception landscape

Who is paving the road for the future of mobility?

Even before Corona, the automotive industry was in a tough race to prove its readiness for the future, facing challenges like automated driving and e-mobility. ​Once the pandemic hit, challenges became a perfect storm for mobility players.

Several companies have identified opportunities to break into the industry with innovative prototypes and creative fuel concepts. Car companies aren’t just competing with other car makers anymore.

With the world trying to figure out what the “new normal” is, mobility players must adjust their positioning. Do they still answer the right questions with the right concepts? Are they still talking to the right people?​

More and more stakeholders are calling on companies to address topics like urban and green mobility. At the same time, non-traditional automotive companies are emerging with their solutions for autonomous driving, connected and shared mobility. Are these new concepts more sought after by the public who crave innovation over the established companies who struggle to “keep up?”

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