Increase your communication and marketing power with a human factor.

Our well-rounded team of specialists are skilled at helping you convert big data into bigger insights, better decisions, and breakthrough performance.

Market and data intelligence is only the beginning. It’s what you do with it that sets apart top-performing companies. That requires superior brainpower working alongside advanced technology.

Our Analytics & Insights advisory gives your team outside professional perspective, with specialists in communications and marketing strategy, corporate and brand reputation, performance measurement, and corporate purpose.

CEO Reputation Index

Our definitive approach for connecting CEO and Corporate sentiment and performance

CEO reputation and corporate reputation are interdependent like never before. For CEOs to perform at their best in global conversations, you need dedicated data, insights, and direction.


The CEO Reputation Index delivers:

  • Precise CEO reputation status
  • Key topics and drivers for CEO and Company
  • Performance check benchmark, by industry and geography
  • Data-informed insights for positioning CEO and executives
  • Realtime tracking and reporting of KPIs and ranking


When reputation is as much individual as organizational, smart communicators and CEOs know to take it personally.

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KPI Target System

The antidote to KPI overload, putting the ‘Key’ back into Key Performance Indicator

Managers across companies worldwide tell they have too many KPIs in their organization and personally. Teams struggle to connect objective outside and enterprise data across platforms. Inconsistent indicator-setting processes lead to complexity, overload, and short-term tactics without clarity – frustrating everyone.

Transforming too many siloed metrics into a leaner, smarter, high-performance measurement framework.


Our data-science based KPI Target System delivers:

  • Predictive KPI Modeling – historical, industry-benchmark, or live data, correlated to strategy.
  • Cascading Measures – secondary KPIs for team delivery and performance contribution.
  • Interim Performance Report Cards – indicating steps to be taken to support or reset.


We can make KPIs work for everyone – fewer, better, more connected and accountable to the business. You’ll shine in your next performance review.

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    Purpose Performance Benchmarking

    Building the next generation of businesses — the right way

    Companies have recognized the imperative to meet the most pressing challenges facing our world: climate change, social unrest, health crises, and sustainable development, to name a few. New business models that connect economic and societal benefits require a well-managed process of actions and communications to: 1) define your purpose and bring it to life, 2) clearly communicate to align the business, and 3) measure performance.

    Our Purpose Performance Benchmarking gives you a full picture of where your company comes up in conversations that matter: Sustainability, ESG, D&I, Data Security, Supply Chain, Corporate Citizenship.


    Our solution delivers:

    • Mapping of your positioning: how your company and competitors are perceived, coverage, assessment, best practice and advice
    • Connecting with the right audiences: who is driving reputation on purpose in your industry: stakeholders, influencers, conversations, and ways to engage
    • Data-driven, best-in-class consulting: outside-in insights and opportunities for communications and supporting initiatives as a credible player


    You can be sure that your direction of travel, purpose and strategy will be effectively understood, accepted, adopted and implemented by those you care most about.

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