Global reach across all media channels – mainstream/social. Human editors, analysts & consultants utilising advanced technology to convert media intelligence into focused insights and actions.

We utilise human expertise to provide advanced media monitoring solutions to large multinational organisations to help drive their reputation.

For today’s leading companies, everything communicated — by anyone, anywhere in the world — can affect reputation. For multinationals with complex operations, the media footprint is more diverse and complex than ever. Automated software or services relying on AI-only can often make it harder to identify key threats and actions through so much noise. We support our clients with services aimed at a senior corporate audience enhancing their daily workflow.

UNICEPTA is a market leader in fully integrated Media Intelligence solutions. From Executive Media Reviews, Live Analytics to Media Analysis and Insights and Consultancy, we provide an end to end solution — across the full range of print and online media, digital and social platforms, on a truly global basis.

Media Monitoring

Converting intelligence into results – driving your news flow

As communications becomes faster and multifaceted Senior Executives need powerful resources to stay on top of their corporate reputation objectives.


Our Monitoring and Intelligence solutions deliver:

  • Comprehensive Global source list – news agencies, print media, online, broadcast and social media. National, local, trade and consumer.
  • Executive media reviews compiled by experienced editors, real-time breaking news alerts delivered within personalised mobile friendly templates, with executive summary, sentiment, link to PDF version.
  • Real-time analysis across mainstream and social providing insights into key themes, opportunities, risks, and response scenarios.
  • Delivered through our integrated UNICEPTA online platform — mobile, laptop, app.
  • Value-added services, including multilingual editorial summaries, auto translation for breaking alerts, event calendar, journalist database.


Intelligence that drives Performance.

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    Live Analytics

    Outside-in stakeholder insight for breaking news and crisis comms

    Real-time monitoring 24/7 of online and social content to search and report by organisation, competitor, key theme/issue to see how a story or topic is trending. Our active listening keeps organisations abreast of key influencers  and their reputational impact across all media and social platforms.


    Our Live Analytics solution delivers:

    • Live global data access from 460 million online, print, social, and broadcast sources
    • User-friendly analytics delivered via high-impact visual dashboards
    • Analysis by organisation, topic, trend, coverage, and influencers
    • Instant tracking and evaluation of defined data points and data sets


    Live analytics enables clients to better understand reputational risks as they happen to better drive their Corporate Reputation.

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      Media Analysis

      Measure your media performance through regular in-depth media research.

      UNICEPTA uses a combination of experienced human analysts alongside advanced technology to assess media content across a range of  key parameters. Our analysis reports provide our clients with strategic and tactical insights into their proactive media performance, the key topics and issues driving both client and competitor coverage and the competitive landscape to unveil opportunities and threats.

      With high quality insights and commentary, our media analysis reports resonate at C-suite level. Our analysis experts provide clients with key recommendations and strategic advice where required. 

      UNICEPTA designs a bespoke set of coding parameters (sentiment, themes, key messages, spokespeople, business lines), a key media source panel and benchmarking criteria in collaboration with each client.


      Our media analysis delivers:

      • Company, brand and product visibility and sentiment analysis
      • Message tracking and penetration across mainstream and social media
      • KPI setting
      • Campaign and proactivity effectiveness
      • Competitor analysis
      • Sector benchmarking
      • Market by market visibility and share of coverage analysis

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      Media & Influencer Database

      Connecting with influential opinion leaders to amplify your coverage

      What you track is only as good as the depth and quality of who and where you can reach. Not just more journalists, analysts, and influencers, but the right ones.


      Our Media & Influencer Database delivers:

      • Worldwide coverage of over 800,000 contacts
      • Precise, targeted approach – for quality and accuracy in capturing opportunities through analysis of current and important conversations
      • Quick and easy smart-automated distribution of messages, content and stories
      • Integrated digital ecosystem – through our suite of media and data intelligence solutions


      We help top multinationals continuously improve media and influencer relations for maximum performance.

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      Stakeholder & Influencer Analysis

      End-to-end engagement of the stakeholder universe around your business

      With today’s ‘stakeholders’ or ‘influencers’ ranging from activist shareholders to social media influencers to high-profile politicians, we enable clients to better understand who is saying what. Our Stakeholder Engagement Suite uses human driven analysis and AI-powered analytics to identify and provide guidance for different ‘stakeholders’ around your company.


      Our solution delivers:

      • Oversight of current stakeholders and impact
      • Overview of potential stakeholders and influencers who could have an impact
      • Position and impact reports for a systematic approach
      • Market-by-market direction for ongoing engagement and argumentation


      A proactive and unified way to manage a greater range of diverse players in your company’s ecosystem.

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