There’s intelligence everywhere ​on your company and your brand. ​We can help you bring more of it together ​and put it to work for your business.

Data analytics and information reside in different places across most organizations: enterprise CRM databases, digital marketing and single-site analytics platforms, primary and secondary data from market research, customer satisfaction data, and external media and business intelligence. You can wind up spending more time collecting and aggregating than analysing and acting.

Put all your real-time multiplatform data in the same place, with individual and shared access on any screen, in visually-engaging interfaces, and you have the potential for those ‘a-ha’ moments when the insights are right there to drive performance to the next level.

Supported with Analytics & Insights advice and immersive Brandspaces, our Marketing Intelligence solutions are perfect for this era of live, continuous marketing decision making. Unify and simplify data, analytics and intelligence behind brand health, campaign strategy, product launches, trend prediction, competitive intelligence, and investment, into common, manager-friendly interfaces. Giving your team a winning information advantage.

Category and Brand Profiling

Essential conversations and insights from media, influencers and audiences, on your category and your brands.

If your marketing and brand content isn’t cutting through or converting as well as it should, we can help you make it more relevant to current real-world conversations and topics. We enable content creators to sift through the sea of external and internal research, intelligence and data points for a more objective total view.


Our Category and Brand Profiles deliver:

  • Focused, detailed, ‘right now’ state of category and brand, in quick-read Snapshot or more comprehensive DeepDive.
  • Media monitor, channel review, keyword, search, topic, content trends, brand, competitive, by country, from last 48 hours to year-over-year.
  • Smart Insights and tactics: trending topics and keywords now and next 90-360 days, by audience, conversations running out, issues bubbling under.
  • Industry-specific insight: Auto, Transport, Banking & Insurance, Industrial, Pharma, Retail, and others on request.


For everything about everything about your brands, to keep your teams moving with inspiration, speed and precision.

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    Instant Campaign Assessment

    Evaluate campaign performance on the fly to drive reputation and license to operate.

    Launches and campaigns require immediate ‘how are we doing’ appraisals for your eager executive team. With ‘why’ and ‘what next’ insights to act on live data and stay on track. More than measurement, Instant Impact delivers continuous calibration of your campaign performance.


    Our Instant Campaign Assessment delivers:

    • Precise situation analysis as it happens
    • Competitive and comparative benchmarks
    • Audience reach, engagement, and delivery KPIs
    • Delivered through state-of-the-art live visual dashboards and executive summaries
    • With expert adviceand specific direction on improvements


    Helping you maximise campaign results, to improve your reputation and business performance.

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      Customer Perception & Loyalty Drivers

      Not just ‘what’ but ‘why’ — context from consumer and influencer conversations to act smarter, faster

      Customer satisfaction and loyalty studies — from analytics, syndicated or own research — provide metrics, but what’s behind the numbers? Why do some negative experiences go viral? How can positive word-of-mouth improve acquisition, share, or repeat business? Our solution brings in additional listening surrounding direct brand experience. 


      Our Perception and Loyalty Drivers solutions deliver:

      • Fresh insights into satisfaction and loyalty from real-world/real-time conversations in media, forums, social, and comments.
      • A systematic approach: listening / identifying / classifying / scoring
      • In sync with satisfaction and loyalty measurement already in place
      • Scenario planning reports: best, worst, and likely outcomes, and steps to manage.


      We give your extended marketing and customer service team a fuller picture of why consumers are happy, unhappy, planning to buy again, possibly defecting, or considering a competitor. To retain business as strongly as you acquire it.

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