UNICEPTA has acquired social intelligence specialist Ubermetrics

  • The global innovation leader for Media & Marketing Intelligence expands its social media expertise
  • Both companies will combine their AI-based technology platforms and expand their capabilities to automate the analysis of large volumes of data for communications and marketing management

UNICEPTA and Ubermetrics will in future drive forward their technological development based on a joint strategic mission. Both companies will team up and further expand one of the best AI-based intelligence platforms for communication and marketing on the international market.

Georg Stahl, Managing Partner at UNICEPTA responsible for Business Development and Finances: "Ubermetrics has a vast data pool for social media and one of the best technology platforms based on semantic AI at hand – which allows to automatically evaluate large quantities of language information. We are very pleased that Patrick Bunk, founder and CEO of Ubermetrics, and his team have decided to team up with UNICEPTA."

Ubermetrics analyzes more than 460 million social media sources as well as blogs and forums in real time. Ubermetrics' technology platform is a highly scalable SaaS solution with a focus on monitoring and text mining, used by more than 200 companies. Patrick Bunk, founder and CEO of Ubermetrics: "We find teaming up with UNICEPTA highly motivating. Two intelligent companies are now working on the same technological vision: We want to make AI accessible for an ever-increasing number of communications and marketing areas with an easy and quick solution."

"Ubermetrics has an excellent technology core that is a perfect fit for our innovation and tech strategy," says Sebastian Rohwer, Managing Partner at UNICEPTA responsible for technology development. "In a digital world, communicators and marketers are increasingly under pressure to quickly gather information about companies, brands and topics and retrieve the relevant insights for their work. The need for more dynamic solutions and more relevant results will multiply over the next ten years. With this merger we will systematically expand our ability to automate, evaluating large sets of data via text mining with the help of AI."

Ubermetrics, founded in 2011, is a spin-off of Humboldt University in Berlin. Founders Patrick Bunk and Daniel Siewert, CTO of Ubermetrics, are the leading minds behind numerous digitalization projects for media and brands. In addition, the social intelligence company is closely connected to the German and European AI research landscape. The Ubermetrics team will transfer the so gained insights into simple applications for communication and marketing.

Both brands – UNICEPTA and Ubermetrics – will be maintained and will combine their technology platforms: UNICEPTA will continue to be an innovation leader and consulting partner for international corporations and leading mid-sized companies. The company counts among its customers two thirds of all Dax-listed companies as well as international corporations such as ABB, British Airways, FIFA, IOC and Roche. With over 450 employees in Europe, the US and Asia, UNICEPTA generated annual sales to the tune of EUR 45 million in the financial year 2019/2020.

Ubermetrics, led by Patrick Bunk, will continue to develop automated intelligence solutions. In addition, Ubermetrics will launch new market intelligence solutions for risk management and supply chain risks. It will also offer text mining services for SaaS and Analytics providers.  

Patrick Bunk and Daniel Siewert will hold a share in UNICEPTA. High-Tech Gründerfonds, which had been an investor in Ubermetrics since 2011, has sold its shares. The transaction will be closed in Q1 2021.



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About Ubermetrics

Ubermetrics is the leading Content Intelligence platform for Marketing & PR experts. The Ubermetrics Content Intelligence platform is an AI-driven technology transforming public content into meaningful insights for effective content-driven communication strategies. With Ubermetrics, digital communicators can discover, research, analyse and optimise content and trends to maximise communication effectiveness and ROI. The Ubermetrics platform processes over 50,000 content pieces per minute from over 460 million sources. Our advanced Artificial Intelligence, metrical and text-mining analytics enable digital communication experts to discover relevant topics, trends, influencers and channels driving successful content strategies truly resonating with stakeholder groups. Ubermetrics operates out of its office in Berlin, Germany. Ubermetrics works with customers like BMW, Word Health Summit, Fink & Fuchs and RCI Banque across three continents and in more than 15 countries.