Corporate Brand Newsrooms

Any data in any configura­tion on any display

  • Corporate Brand Newsrooms

  • Any data in any configura­tion on any display

Bringing media and intelligence to vibrant life in physical and virtual spaces. Imagine it, build it, immerse your team in it, and act on information faster and smarter — for high-impact business performance.

You can collect all the data in the world and send it out the same as ever. But if you’re looking to enhance your corporate reputation and brand collaboratively, continuously, and with out-of-the-box creativity, you need to take information management to its richest, most inspiring level.

We’ve been a pioneer in more effective compilation and presentation of intelligence data, through a range of physical, digital, multimedia Corporate Brand Newsrooms, with live data, trending topics and content, and precise analysis, from mobile apps to board-ready reports to full command centers. We can help you build yours, better, faster, and smarter.

Corporate Brand Newsroom – Full Command Centers

Everything about your company, in one complete and powerfully immersive experience

Combining all media and data streams into high-impact visual spaces for your team to work more cross-functionally on corporate communications and brand management activities.


What you get:

  • Live cross-media newsflow monitoring, topic, story and influencer tracking, integrating external and own media analytics data
  • AI-enabled features include speech-to-text recognition, sentiment analysis, image recognition, web-crawling
  • Further integration of corporate applications and data sources: workflow and content management, intranet, web analytics
  • Seamless information alignment across individual and cross-organisation interfaces: email alert, app, reports, portal, intranet, high-impact videowalls
  • Interactive drill downs and mirroring technologies for teams to collectively act on intelligence as it’s happening


Helping you and your team manage everything and collaborate more easily under a single solution, for more informed decisions and accelerated outcomes.

Individual visualisation & design

All data flows are bundled

Monitor walls, desktops and mobile devices

Data preparation for various roles/jobs

Online Corporate Brand Newsroom – via UNICEPTA Mind

The Newsroom solution for startup or on-the-go information presence

Needing some time to prepare before diving into a full physical newsroom? Or does your team have greater digital than place-based requirements? Our online Corporate Brand Newsroom solutions give your extended team integrated, immersive and engaging intelligence content — wherever, whenever.


What you get:

  • Utilising our best-in-class MIND portal for scalable, integrated, cross-screen access, from mobile phone to conference room screen
  • Individualised visualisation and design with bundled data flows for individual users
  • Data-driven preparation and guidance for specific roles and jobs, from proactive listening to content generation


Helping you scale up from newsscreen to newswall to newsroom as your capabilities expand, while better aligning and integrating your communications activities

1 Newsscreen


Visualisation on 1 screen

  • media review
  • newsfeed
  • owned social media channels

2 Newswall


Visualisation on 1 or 2 screens

  • offer 1
  • real-time analytics

3 Newsroom


Newsroom concept

  • offer 2
  • intranet
  • content management system
  • broadcast
  • editorial calendar
  • many more

Digital Information Management solutions

Right-sized compilation and packaging of media and data intelligence

Some companies prefer packaged, turnkey solutions. Others need a highly specific and individualised approach. Our Digital Consultants work with your issues and needs to find the right solution and pathway for your information ecosystem.


What you get:

  • Individualised Masterboards that take you from today to an accelerated future
  • Creating corresponding dashboards, carrying out training sessions, and continually optimising systems during operations
  • A strong emphasis on user training and fluency with applying information toward real-world business applications


Helping companies of any type and size better manage communication and identify trends — through first-class digital information management.

Features and Benefits

Like all of our services and solutions, our Corporate Brand Newsroom and Digital Information Management capabilities rely on UNICEPTA’s visionary AI-based media and data intelligence technologies and services.


  • Database: comprehensive integration of media reviews and newsfeeds, cross-media listening, own channels, and additional third-party and internal data sources

  • Products: monitoring and listening solutions converted into interactive solutions and editorial and content generation outputs

  • Scope and delivery: scalable from small-team online solutions to extended enterprise


Providing an intensive, inspiring experience for everyone, to enhance your organisation’s communication impact. Our advisory team is at your disposal to tailor the right solution for you.