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Data-driven. Strategic. Reliable.

  • Analytics & Insights

  • Data-driven. Strategic. Reliable.

Better understand your reputation and improve your communication output. Our experienced teams of industry specialists convert big data into insights which inform decisions to enhance reputation and performance.

Our Analytics & Insights advisory services provide clients with data, insights and recommendations in relation to communications strategy and positioning, corporate reputation, issue and topic analysis, and stakeholder engagement.


Our services include:

  • Media Analysis – Enhance the visibility of your messaging in media coverage across markets and versus competitors. Understand the key drivers of positive and negative coverage to improve communications effectiveness with key media influencers and align content with your audiences
  • Reputation and Stakeholder Analysis – Protect and enhance reputation by tracking the key drivers of reputation over time across different organisational stakeholders to obtain a 360-degree holistic view of what issues and events are impacting reputation
  • Influencer Analysis – profile key influencers impacting your business across a range of content topic drivers and issues
  • Live Analytics – real-time access to the key drivers of coverage and conversation to understand engagement and sharing interaction across mainstream online and social media
  • Consultancy Services – high level support for communications research project management, campaign evaluation and KPI setting

Media Analysis

Measure your media performance through regular in-depth media research. UNICEPTA designs a bespoke set of coding parameters (themes, key messages), a media source panel and benchmarking criteria in collaboration with each client.

UNICEPTA uses a combination of experienced human analysts alongside visionary AI-powered technology to assess media content for sentiment and other key parameters. Our analysis reports provide our clients with strategic and tactical insights into their proactive media performance, the key topics and issues driving both client and competitor coverage and the competitive landscape to unveil opportunities and threats.

With insights and commentary of the highest quality, our media analysis reports resonate at C-suite level. Our experts provide clients with key recommendations and strategic advice where required. 


What you get and how you benefit:

  • Organisation, brand and product visibility and sentiment analysis
  • Message tracking and penetration across media and social media
  • Campaign and proactivity effectiveness
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sector benchmarking
  • Market by market visibility and share of coverage analysis
  • KPI setting

Reputation Insight

Track the key drivers of corporate reputation over time across different organisational stakeholders such as customers, employees, analysts, politicians, regulators, integrating existing sources of data and insight to provide a 360-degree holistic view of reputation.


What you get and how you benefit:

  • Strategic-level insight into stakeholder perceptions in the context of how perceptions are changing over time, in relation to broader sector competition
  • An integrated view of reputation that consolidates stakeholder perceptions using a range of data sources to provide insights – from mainstream and social media to customer satisfaction surveys, brand trackers, NPS and employee surveys
  • Insight into stakeholder perceptions aligned to key client reputation pillars
  • Insight into the value of reputation on business performance metrics, such as share price
  • Stakeholder profiling - analysis of what impacts stakeholders’ perceptions positively and negatively and which issues are the key drivers of stakeholder perception
  • Insight into the impact of events and issues on reputation and how this differs depending on the stakeholder
  • Understand areas of risk to protect and enhance reputation

Stakeholder & Influencer Analysis

End-to-end engagement of the stakeholder universe around your business

With today’s ‘stakeholders’ or ‘influencers’ ranging from activist shareholders to social media influencers to high-profile politicians, we enable clients to better understand who is saying what. Our Stakeholder Engagement Suite uses human driven analysis and AI-powered analytics to identify and provide guidance for different ‘stakeholders’ around your company.


What you get and how you benefit:

  • Oversight of current stakeholders and impact
  • Overview of potential stakeholders and influencers who could have an impact
  • Position and impact reports for a systematic and strategic approach
  • Market-by-market direction for ongoing engagement


A proactive and unified way for executives to manage a greater range of diverse players across your company’s ecosystem.

    UNICEPTA Live Analytics

    Automatic live monitoring of online and social content of mentions of your company, peers and issues that you need to be aware of.

    Active Listening keeps your company abreast of influential voices who can help drive positive opinion or detractors that need monitoring or intervention.


    What you get and how you benefit:

    • Live global data access from millions of online sources
    • User-friendly analytics shaped into custom high-impact visual dashboards
    • Overviews of entities, topics, trends, coverage, and influencers
    • Instant tracking and evaluation of defined data points and data sets

    Features and Benefits

    All of our Analytics & Insights services and tools use UNICEPTA’s proven, visionary media and data intelligence solutions, developed for superior precision and reliability:


    • People: highly skilled and experienced industry experts

    • Database: over 150 million sources across online, print, broadcast, social, business-to-business and industry-specific sources

    • Scope: we cover all major geographic regions, market-by-market, in major business languages

    • Products: we scale from basic editorial briefings to in-depth analyses delivered in high-impact visualization

    • Delivery: we tailor to you and your colleagues’ requirements including online desktop, tablet and mobile dashboards, offline and digital reports, and in-person presentations