High-quality monitoring - in real time, globally and around the clock

Quick and precise understanding

  • High-quality monitoring - in real time, globally and around the clock

  • Quick and precise understanding

Media Monitoring

You have the highest standards for your media monitoring? In that case, we are your partner. Our media monitoring researches, selects, prioritises and structures the global news flow. Across all media, 24/7/365 and virtually in real-time.

We capture the most relevant information with the highest precision for you from over 200 million sources. From conventional print media and news agencies, radio and TV to online media and accessible data on the Social Web.

Over 300 editors, researchers and linguists contribute to our media monitoring team. Multilingual editorial teams summarise your information briefly and concisely every day - in and from 26 languages. Our media monitoring provides you with an overview of the current state of affairs – via e-mail, app or modern dashboards.

As a result, we create the conditions for you to quickly adapt your communication management to the current situation and for the development of your topic planning according to the “outside-in” principle.

Media Review

Being up-to-date with the right information gives you an advantage. Our strategic media monitoring services guarantee that everyone at the company receives the information that is important to them.

Delivering the most important information at the right time to the person responsible – this is how professional information management gives you a key edge in your international communications. The digitization of the media world and the globalization of relevant topics have redefined the requirements when it comes to processing media information. That is why our media monitoring services go further than just mirroring press coverage.


All media at a glance

On the basis of state-of-the-art search technologies, over 200 million sources worldwide – including print, TV, radio, news agencies, online and social media - are scanned and filtered.

The expertise of our researchers and computer linguists makes the difference. Set-up in dedicated industry teams, they validate, select and categorise the information on the relevant issues for you. Across the globe and 24/7

Whether compressed as an editorial abstract, integrated into relevant topics, company- or subject-specific: our market-leading media monitoring is a strategic tool that optimally prepares information – individually tailored to your internal target groups.

We keep you informed to the point vie e-mail, app or the UNICEPTAmind portal. Thanks to international 24/7 service, country and time zone boundaries are nullified. Regardless of the location - your colleagues are always up to date.


    Our monitoring service for you

    • tailor-made media report
    • global real-time monitoring, across all channels, 24/7/365
    • breaking news
    • information on the evening before
    • breaking news
    • early birds / morning media reports (from 5 a.m.)
    • continuous updates
    • ad hoc research (24/7)
    • content and license consultation
    • integration in portals and dashboards

    Realtime Monitoring

    You want to be well-informed at all times. We provide you with the relevant news in real-time, enabling you to immediately take advantage of opportunities and identify risks.

    Information that was up-to-date in the early edition of the daily newspaper may already be out-of-date by the afternoon. The global 24/7 news cycle of digital communication represents a tough challenge for corporate communications. If you don’t want to react only when an issue has turned into a major headline, critical news needs to be identified immediately.

    Our real-time monitoring thus goes far beyond the morning media review: our experts provide you around the clock with information about the media development of your issues on the web, social media, TV and radio as well as news tickers – almost in real-time. From blogs, comments, forums, YouTube to social networks – we also monitor the accessible user-generated content for its relevance and impact. Opportunities and risks can be identified in time via our early warning systems, allowing to make use of the scope of action.


    Professional topic listening: being informed in real-time

    Be it as part of the daily supply of information or ad hoc in the event of a crisis: The real-time monitoring provides you with the relevant news immediately after publication. Teams specialized in customers and industries prioritize and structure the topics. We monitor relevant issues for you across all media and markets. This allows you to quickly identify potential risks but also opportunities for your proactive issue management.


    Our experts know your viewpoint

    Our industry experts advise you on your specific topic listening. They evaluate the relevance of the media contributions according to your requirements and provide you the results in the form you prefer. Our industry expertise and our 24/7 real-time monitoring creates valuable synergies for you.

    The cooperation with our international locations and local partners, as well as our global language coverage, guarantees for a quick, global overview. This also enables us to identify and process decisive issues for you on an ad hoc basis. Our service can be arranged as an integral part of the media monitoring, but can also be set up at short notice.


    Digital information management

    We provide your individual newsfeed via state-of-the-art dashboards, e-mail or app. For mobile devices, we offer user-specific alerts that can be activated at short notice. This ensures the ability to immediately act.


      Our real-time monitoring service offers

      • cross-media, global media panels (online, social media, TV, radio, print)
      • customer-/ topic specific coordinated source basis
      • individually configurable auto alerts
      • push notification on mobile devices
      • pull information from newsfeed in the portal
      • fully automated research (non-qualified newsfeed)
      • research controlled for relevance with individual qualification grade (qualified newsfeed)
      • can be integrated with portals and dashboards

      Broadcast Monitoring

      Professional monitoring requires a global view of all media. Our Broadcast Monitoring provides you with an overview of all relevant TV and radio coverage in various international markets.

      In addition to 100 German-language TV and radio stations, our broadcast monitoring also provides you with an overview of the global coverage. Our entire range of media includes more than 2,000 international stations. We cover, for example, radio and TV coverage in Australia, Canada and the US.

      We identify all broadcast coverage of your company, products, competitors or issues with our state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology. The various language models are continuously maintained and improved by linguists.

      We inform you about any hits within minutes – with the help of our fully-automated newsfeed and alerts. This gives you the ability to react quickly when the situation requires it. Our experienced team can also screen all hits and filter them by relevance upon request.

      Clips and recordings for the relevant TV and radio reports can also be integrated in portals and dashboards (in compliance with licensing requirements). As a special service, our broadcast team keeps you informed about relevant announcements for the most important TV features.


      international stations

      Our broadcast service offers

      • Global coverage (more than 2,000 international stations)
      • Newsfeed with alerts
      • Clips and recordings (according to licensing requirements)
      • Can be integrated with portals and dashboards
      • TV preview: details on relevant broadcasts

      Editorial Services

      Your information – short, concise and to the point. Our editorial summaries give you a clear view of your topics, and prepare them for timely distribution. They’re also suitable for your executive board.

      What is happening around the world? What is generating the most buzz? Who is saying something relevant to your company? There is often not much time in day-to-day business to form a comprehensive and up-to-date image of the media situation. That is why a key challenge of corporate communications is efficiently screening and bundling the wealth of daily information and tailoring it to internal target groups.

      Our editorial staff is comprised of trained journalists who concisely summarize topics for your customized media monitoring. Regardless of whether they are meant for a broad group of readers or for briefing the executive board – we provide you with a punctual and high-quality overview of the day’s top stories.

      In addition to the most important reports about your company, our summaries detail developments concerning the market and competition as well as sociopolitical headlines concisely – from up to 26 languages. Our translators are native speakers and guarantee that you can easily understand the topics around the world.






      abstracts per day

      The advantages of our editorial services

      • Management summaries that can be presented directly to the executive board
      • Easy-to-read media overviews, also for a broad group of readers
      • Cross-media, international set of sources
      • In line with your corporate wording
      • High level of individualization through fixed group of editors for you
      • No licensing costs