New Mobility: Who is leading the way in the US market?

Perception as an Innovator is crucial to the success of mobility transition

With everyone speaking about mobility trends, being perceived as an innovator is a clear competitive advantage. However, with the word/concept “innovation” saturating the market, companies cannot only rely on the communication of new models or designs in order to break through the noise.

Within the automotive industry, Tesla has become the epitome of innovation. The company substantially leads the rankings, leaving established and big brands behind.

Do other players need to take a page from Tesla’s playbook? Not necessarily. There are others who are enriching their brand essence with innovation, as well. Hyundai, for example, has been growing their market share in the USA, and receives the most positive attention for innovation.

Looking deeper into the communication of innovative carmakers, recommendations become clearer. Companies must continuously communicate a broad variety of topics: from models to technologies, strategic decisions and investments, and partnerships to moonshot projects.

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​UNICEPTA took an in-depth look into data from online and social media published from October 2019 to September 2020:​

  • Which companies are perceived as the most innovative in the US
  • Who are the opinion leaders and influencers driving the buzz
  • With deep dives on U.S. Big Three, Hyundai and Toyota

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How Corona changed the public perception landscape

Even before Corona, the automotive industry was in a tough race to prove its readiness for the future, facing challenges like automated driving and e-mobility. ​Once the pandemic hit, challenges became a perfect storm for mobility players. Several companies have identified opportunities to break into the industry. Car companies aren’t just competing with other car makers anymore.

With the world trying to figure out what the “new normal” is, mobility players must adjust their positioning. Do they still answer the right questions with the right concepts? Are they still talking to the right people?​

More and more stakeholders are demanding from companies and politics to address topics like urban mobility, infrastructure and public transportation. At the same time, new players gain momentum with solutions for autonomous driving and e-mobility.

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More than 30 million articles and posts across the world – ​UNICEPTA took an in-depth look into this data to help you understand the new world of mobility:​

  • ​How Corona changed the mobility topic landscape​
  • Which companies are viewed as most innovative
  • Who are the influencers shaping the topics

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