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Thought Leadership Award 2018

Robert Bosch GmbH receives the "Thought Leadership Award 2018" for best communication in shaping major public debates in business and …




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CEO-Ranking Q1 2018

Media praise economically successful CEOs who pursue a clear strategy




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Social Media Ranking 03 2018

Strongest company posts in February and March




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Paragon Partners is new majority shareholder

UNICEPTA enters the next phase of its growth with a new strong partner: Paragon Partners, a Munich-based investment company, is the new …




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Social Media Ranking 02 2018

Strongest company posts in December and January

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Top Story
Drohnenangriffe auf Ölanlagen: Trump will Vergeltung gegen Iran nur bei... /
US-Präsident Trump vermutet Iran hinter den Angriffen auf Ölanlagen in...
Investitionen in Infrastruktur: CDU will Klagen gegen neue Stromtrassen... /
Schuldenkrise: Athen will IWF-Kredite vorzeitig tilgen /
Griechenland gewinnt an Selbstvertrauen zurück. Das Land will Kredite in...
Nur wenige deutsche Großunternehmen unterstützen den Klimaprotest /
Viele deutsche Unternehmen unterstützen den Friday-for-Future-Aktionstag am...
AMS auf der Zielgeraden mit Osram-Übernahme /
Die Österreicher von AMS senken die Annahmequote und erhöhen so ihre Chancen...
Trotz Brexit - Aldi plant 100 neue Filialen in Großbritannien /
In Großbritannien boomt die Nachfrage nach günstigen Lebensmitteln. Discounter...
Volkswagen einigt sich mit Sammelklägern - Deutsche gehen bislang leer aus /
41.000 Mobilfunkkunden sollten falsche Rechnungen bezahlen /
Kunden von Mobilcom-Debitel, Vodafone und Klarmobil sollten Drittanbieterdienste...
Datenbank entdeckt: Persönliche Daten aller Ecuadorianer standen im Internet /
Wer einen Wohnsitz in Ecuador hat, sollte jetzt wahrscheinlich umziehen. Denn...
Manhattan district attorney subpoenas 8 years of Trump tax returns /
The move to obtain eight years-worth of the President's tax documents is...
Trump says he’s in no rush to respond to the attacks on Saudi oil facilities /
“It’s certainly looking that way at this point,” Trump responds to a...
After Saudi Attack, Oil Market Is on Edge: ‘What if the Other Shoe Drops?’ /
Calming energy markets may be difficult, as oil prices have jumped faster than...
Siemens expands tech strength for Greater Bay Area /
Siemens AG will continue to facilitate technological support in the...
German payment provider Wirecard enters global partnership with China's... /
The cooperation of the two financial service companies is set to "expand...
China's output cools as it grows by 4.4% /
China’s industrial output continued to cool, growing at a slower pace of...
Personalie des Tages
Johnson blitzt bei Juncker ab /
Der britische Premierminister Johnson hatte Zuversicht verbreitet, doch seine...
HSV erleidet historische Niederlage gegen St. Pauli /
Der Hamburger SV hat erstmals seit Februar 1960 auswärts bei seinem...
Deutschlands Volleyballer feiern ersten EM-Sieg /
Erleichterung nach dem Fehlstart: Die deutschen Volleyballer haben nach zwei...
Ter Stegen vs. Neuer: "Ich denke nicht, dass Manu etwas zu meinen Gefühlen... /
Der Torwartstreit zwischen Marc-André ter Stegen und Manuel Neuer geht in die...

Thought Leadership Award

Germany's companies are currently facing major challenges: Digitalization is turning business models upside down, economic risks and trade conflicts are clouding the outlook.

In the media, the farewell song for the German economy is already being heard. This is not only problematic for the individual German companies, but also for society as a whole: because belief in the future strength of German companies is a basis for an optimistic view of the economic development of the country as a whole.

UNICEPTA has therefore conducted a study: Which company communicated best the counterpoint and proved its future viability?


Infineon wins the Thought Leadership Award 2019

The Thought Leadership Award 2019 goes to Infineon Technologies AG, a company that has communicated its future viability particularly well.


Infineon's communications team successfully translates the company's strategy into strong content about megatopics – and the media environment attributes viability for the future to Infineon as well.

The Thought Leadership Award is handed out at the gala of the International German PR Prize on 11 April 2019 in Stuttgart. Find here the press information.


Report: German companies with best communication to show future viability

UNICEPTA has analyzed the media positioning in the area of “future viability” of the 240 German companies with the highest revenues. All in all, 3.5 million articles and posts with 13.5 million user reactions were analyzed:  

  • Which industries are in focus?
  • Which companies were particularly strong represented with articles and postings on their future viability?
  • How strong and clear is the evaluation “viable for the future” made by journalists and posts?

UNICEPTA and the German Public Relations Society (DPRG) has been handing out the Thought Leadership Award annually, since 2016. The Award honors outstanding communication achievements on topics of particular social relevance on the basis of a multi-stage, cross-media analysis.


Previous winners of the Thought Leadership Award include:

  • 2018: Bosch for the best communication to shape major public debates in business and economy
  • 2017: Deutsche Telekom for the best communication in the era of digitalisation
  • 2016: Kuka for intelligent communication of the mega-topic digitalisation