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Data-driven. Strategic. Reliable.

  • Analytics & Insights

  • Data-driven. Strategic. Reliable.

Increase your communication output. A well-rounded team of specialists ready to help you convert big data into bigger insights, better decisions, and breakthrough performance.

Monitoring and measuring is only the beginning. It’s what you do with your data that sets apart top-performing companies. That requires superior brainpower working alongside advanced technology.

Our Analytics & Insights advisory services give your company a professional perspective for your team of expert specialists in communications strategy and positioning, corporate reputation, issue and topic analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

CEO Reputation Index

The definitive approach for connecting CEO and Corporate sentiment and performance

CEO reputation and corporate reputation are interdependent like never before. For CEOs to perform at their best in global conversations, you need dedicated data, insights, and direction.


What you get and how you benefit:

  • Precise CEO reputation status
  • Key topics and drivers for CEO and Company
  • Performance check benchmark, by industry and geography
  • Data-informed insights for positioning CEO and executives
  • Realtime tracking and reporting of KPIs and ranking


When your reputation is as much individual and organizational, smart communicators and CEOs know to take it personally.

Active Listening

Outside-in stakeholder insight for more relevant communications

An internal ‘bubble’ can hide opportunities and risks out in the real world. Active Listening keeps your company externally focused on influential voices who can help drive positive opinion.


What you get and how you benefit:

  • Live global data access from 150 million online, print, social, and broadcast sources
  • User-friendly analytics shaped into custom high-impact visual dashboards
  • Precise overviews on topics, trends, coverage, and influencers
  • Outside-in data and insights for more relevant communications opportunities
  • Instant tracking and evaluation via smart KPIs


Combining proactive outside-in thinking with inside-out doing, we help you pull more and push less in driving your Corporate Reputation.

    Instant Campaign Assessment

    Evaluate campaign performance on the fly to drive your corporate reputation and license to operate

    Launches and campaigns require immediate ‘how are we doing’ appraisals for your eager executive team. With ‘why’ and ‘what next’ insights to act on live data and stay on your strategic track.

    Instant Impact means just that. More than measurement, it provides data-driven continuous calibration of your campaign performance.


    What you get and how you benefit:

    • Precise situation analysis as it happens
    • Competitive and comparative benchmarks
    • Audience reach, engagement, and delivery KPIs
    • Delivered through state-of-the-art live visual dashboards and executive summaries
    • With our human factor of expert advice, for specific direction on improving communications impact


    Helping you maximize campaign results and improve your reputation and business performance.

      Stakeholder Engagement Suite

      End-to-end engagement of the total stakeholder universe around your business

      With today’s ‘stakeholders’ or ‘influencers’ ranging from activist shareholders to social media stars to high-profile politicians, you need to know more about all of them to stay ahead of the flow.

      Our Stakeholder Engagement Suite uses AI-powered analytics to identify and provide guidance for different ‘personas’ around your company.


      What you get and how you benefit:

      • Oversight of current stakeholders and impact
      • Overview of potential stakeholders and influencers coming your way
      • Position and impact reports for a systematic approach
      • Market-by-market direction for ongoing engagement and argumentation


      A proactive and unified way for executives to manage a greater range of diverse players across your company’s ecosystem.

      Features and Benefits

      All of our Analytics & Insights services and tools use UNICEPTA’s proven, visionary AI-based media and data intelligence solutions, developed for superior precision and reliability:


      • Database: over 150 million sources across online, print, broadcast, social, business-to-business and industry-specific sources

      • Scope: we cover all major geographic regions, market-by-market, in major business languages

      • Products: we scale from basic editorial briefings to in-depth analyses delivered in high-impact visualization

      • Delivery: we tailor to you and your colleagues’ requirements including online desktop, tablet and mobile dashboards, printed and digital reports, and in-person presentations