Who we are

History and today's company

UNICEPTA was founded in 1996 and has been steadily rising as a leader and innovator in media intelligence, first in the German and central European marketplace, and now globally. We have seen the sector evolve to incorporate digital media and deploy new technologies to automate and analyze media and information to support our advisors in providing guidance to our clients.

Today, we are the fastest growing full-service media and data intelligence provider in Europe, USA and APAC.

Facts & Figures



  • Employee growth in percent: more than 20% in the last three years
  • 40% of management positions are held by women
  • 80% of our employees are college graduates
  • Colleagues from over 44 countries



  • 150 global brands and accounts
  • Numerous DAX 40, EUROSTOXX 50 and S&P 500 customers
  • Leading family and medium-sized companies
  • Various associations, governmental departments and other public institutions


users of our MIND portal


offices around the world

Berlin | Cologne | Krakau | London | Washington DC | Shanghai | Zurich

Smart insights. Strong performance. That is the personal commitment of each of our more than 450 media experts, analysts, linguists and consultants. All day. Every day. Around the world.

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Full Service

  • Corporate, product and CEO media analysis
  • Business intelligence and research services
  • Strategic media review cross-media, real-time monitoring
  • Editorial abstracts and media overviews as well as full translations
  • State-of-the-art portals & dashboards


  • Our offices are actively manned round the clock for our customers
  • Less than 30 minutes response time for activating ad-hoc monitoring services, day or night.
  • Less than 5 minutes between the publication of a report and an alert being sent to our customers



  • In our research
  • Translated at native-speaker level
  • Coded for media analysis


qualified alerts a day

  • 800 media-monitoring products a day
  • 400 deadlines every day
  • 1,500 analysis reporting slides per month
  • 25,000 abstracts every month
  • 100,000 reports analytically coded per year

460 m

media sources worldwide in the biggest media panel

  • 460 million online and social-media sources
  • 100,000 print-media sources
  • 1,500 TV and radio stations
  • 200 news agencies



Chemicals | Health Care | Financial Institutions | Politics & Public Institutions | Consumer Goods | Retail & e-commerce | Energy | General Industrial | Media & Business Service | Automotive | IT & Telecommunication | Sports | Transportation | Logistics & Tourism

Group Management Board

  • At UNICEPTA since 2008 and responsible for Senior Strategic Advice
  • 18 years experience in strategy and methods in analytical communications advice for international companies, including as managing director of Cision Germany
  • since October 2021 CEO of UNICEPTA Group and in particular responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Sales, Finance, HR, M&A, Marketing Communications 

  • has many years of experience in the management of consulting-intensive and software-based solutions and was most recently CEO at Ingenico Marketing Solutions, a provider of innovative marketing tech solutions for large companies; previous positions included Siemens and Roland Berger

  • Responsible for media monitoring and technology & content management at UNICEPTA since 2005
  • Has served in all roles from project manager to managing partner. Before joining UNICEPTA, he worked as a journalist for Aachener Nachrichten and WDR
  • Since October 2021, responsible for Analytics & Insights as well as UNICEPTA's US business and further international expansion

  • As President and member of the Group Executive Board at Cision, he most recently headed the Cision Insights division globally; his earlier roles include that of Managing Director Germany at Prime Research and Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the US

What we do

UNICEPTA is the world’s leading provider of Media and Data Intelligence solutions. Powered by visionary AI, we deliver razor-sharp Analytics, Insights, and Advisory services. Global companies with the most dynamic and complex intelligence requirements value UNICEPTA's personal commitment to unlock Smart Insights that drive faster, better decisions for Strong Performance.

Services and Solutions: three key lines of business

  • Media and Marketing Intelligence: fully integrated data and information capture and analysis from over 460 million sources across the full range of public media, digital and social platforms, around the world, 24/7/365
  • Analytics & Insights: with professional strategic advisors deploying artificial-intelligence-based analysis to convert data intelligence into deeper insights to help drive faster, consistently successful decisions across senior management
  • Intelligence Platforms and Newsrooms: for effective digital and physical compilation and presentation of realtime intelligence, from mobile apps and executive level briefings to full command centers

Our Clients: references

If your performance is good you want to talk about it. If your performance is the best, you can let others do the talking.

UNICEPTA supports cross-sector market leaders including BMW Group, British Airways, Lufthansa Group, Roche, and UBS.

Our primary client focus is large multi-national corporations with extended geographical and media reach, but we also serve mid-sized family-owned companies, regional brands, non-profits, and government ministries.

Over 300 companies place their trust in our services. Want to know more? We’d be delighted to put you in touch with them.

What we think

We are the world’s leading provider of visionary Media and Data Intelligence solutions. Our AI is industry-leading, and constantly learning and evolving.

But with all our highly regarded data and science acumen, we believe the human touch of our people is what truly sets us apart:

Smart     •     Strong     •     Personal     •     Proactive

We love teamwork, speed, quality execution and bringing innovation and fresh thinking to our clients. We want the top talent to be working for you, which is why we strongly support personal development and foster diversity.

Our Goals

Through excellent services, we want to contribute to the sustainable development of our customers. Sustainability also guides our own company philosophy – in economic, environmental and social regards.

In joining the UN Global Compact, we highlight that we are always committed to the values of fair and good corporate governance. The UN initiative promotes a sustainable global economy.

Our Networks

We are networked in the way we think and work. We seek out the right partners to share ideas, drive forward issues, and foster innovation, which helps us to be the strongest partner for our customers.

As a part of this, we believe in supporting our broader communications and strategic advisory industry as a whole. UNICEPTA holds membership to national and international associations including:

Partner with us

For UNICEPTA to keep leading the way, we seek to continuously work with industry-leading technology. This means we not only develop our own services and offers to the highest standards, but we also rely on and integrate the best technologies and solutions available on the market.

It is only through close collaboration with top technology providers and innovative startups that enables us to provide our clients with a leading edge.

We are always on the lookout for new technology partners with solutions we can collaborate on and integrate with our systems to help us think ahead.

Are you a provider of data acquisition or web crawling services? Do you develop assist technologies such as automation, semantic analysis, artificial intelligence or NLP? Is your competence in the analysis or visualisation of data? Or perhaps in the development of content management systems? If you think our capabilities might complement each other, please get in touch. We are always keen to explore new collaborations.

Where we are

With communications becoming increasingly globalized, we keep an eye on all markets, no matter the media, geography or language.

Our headquarters in Cologne is our central hub, and the main production location for the Media Monitoring and Analytics & Insights divisions. In addition, we have regional hubs in major global cities, and on-site teams of consultants at our clients’ offices across the globe. Employing staff from a total of 44 nations, we cover 26 different languages.


Our team in Shanghai with over 30 employees is your partner if you plan to explore the media market in the Asia-Pacific region.


From our Berlin regional office, editors and analysts develop smart insights for your communication management.


Our headquarters in Cologne is our central hub, and also the largest production location for our services and solutions.


The Krakow team in Poland, led by Richard Jarczyk, is responsible for various media monitoring services.


Our team in London is the first choice for all companies and organizations located in UK, Benelux and Scandinavia.


Based in Washington D.C., UNICEPTA supports organisations to securely and reliably manage their communication.


In Zurich we operate a regional consulting office, from which we manage our activities in Switzerland and other countries.


Get in contact with us! You can get in touch directly with the contact persons listed below or use our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Dr. Rong Wang

General Manager APAC

+86 21 2230 5096


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