Know your target’s reputation risks

Reputation Due Diligence

Our reputation assessments: data-driven and accurate

  • Know your target’s reputation risks

  • Reputation Due Diligence

  • Our reputation assessments: data-driven and accurate

Corporate reputation becomes increasingly important for investors. In times where activist stakeholders can influence public debate with enormous impact in short time, knowing the reputation risks of potential target companies is crucial. Otherwise you might not just buy a company but inherit huge reputation risks as well.

Reputation risks might jeopardize the whole rationale and growth story of an investment: economic crimes, environmental offences, personal misconduct, bad products, disputes with employee representatives – you better know them before closing the deal.

The due diligence process is well established and standardized, but it lacks a systematic analysis of reputation risks in online, social and offline media. With UNICEPTA’s media due diligence you know all the reputation risks in advance – before critical stakeholders start attacking you.

Add a new chapter to financial, legal, commercial and tax due diligence.

Bankable and detailed report

Our tailored insights for your due diligence are based on data from 200m news and business sources.

Choose your depth of analysis according to your needs: Reputation Quick Check or Reputation Due Diligence.


Reputation Quick Check

  • Identification of possible red flag topics (such as economic crimes, environ-mental offences, personal misconduct, disputes with employee representatives)
  • General topic profile according to automated tagging
  • Strength and development of media presence
  • A qualitative overall judgment on the reputation 

Reputation Due Diligence

  • Detailed topic profile, most important stakeholders and issues (including red flag topics)
  • The tonality of media coverage (rated by trained analysts)
  • Risks of a negative image transfer
  • Strength and development of media presence
  • A well-founded judgment on the reputation

Our reports are ready-to-use for your decision body, investment commitee, financing banks or W&I insurance.

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