Information management and visualization solutions that bring media and data intelligence to vibrant life.

From mobile apps, to virtual workspace livecasts, to videowall command centers, we help communications and marketing teams manage, visualize and display information flows with out-of-the-box creativity. With everything aggregated, integrated and managed on our OpenMIND platform, you can imagine it, build it, immerse your team in it, and act on insights faster, smarter, and continuously. 

We’ve been a pioneer in more effective compilation and presentation of intelligence data, through our range of physical and online multimedia Newsrooms and Brandspaces, with live data, topics and content, and realtime analysis. We can help you build yours, and drive innovation and performance to the next level.

OpenMIND Platform

Adaptive information platform and dashboards to optimize information management for individual needs

How do your colleagues want intelligence data and information brought together and delivered? Most extended organizations tell us ‘every possible way that works’. That’s why we’ve made our OpenMIND platform the most integrated, intuitive and customizable user experience for media and marketing intelligence.

OpenMIND delivers:

  • Smart unified platform access to media channels, content, and multiple digitial and social analytics providers: Google, Facebook, Adobe, Salesforce, and more.
  • User-specific subscription and personalization capabilities, device-scalablefrom mobile to tablet to desktop to newsroom
  • Innovative features to support internal workflow: search and filter, analytics, alerts, document management


With intelligent, personalized access to all of your aggregated intelligence resources in a single interface, your team is able to view, learn and act on what matters – faster and more effectively – for a higher level of company performance.

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Corporate Brand Newsroom – Full Command Centers

Everything about your company, in one complete and powerfully immersive experience

Combining all media and data streams into high-impact visual spaces for your team to work cross-functionally on corporate communications and brand management activities.


Combining single videowall of multiple screens, our Newsroom solutions deliver:

  • Live cross-media newsflow monitoring, topic, story and influencer tracking, integrating external and own media analytics data
  • AI-enabled features include speech-to-text recognition, sentiment analysis, image recognition, web-crawling
  • Further integration of corporate applications and data sources: workflow and content management, intranet, web analytics
  • Seamless information alignment across individual and cross-organization interfaces: email alert, app, reports, portal, intranet, high-impact videowalls
  • Interactive drill downs and mirroring technologies for teams to collectively act on intelligence as it’s happening


Helping you and your team manage everything and collaborate more easily under a single solution, for more informed decisions and faster outcomes.

Individual visualization & design

All data flows are bundled

Data preparation for various roles/jobs

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Anytime, anywhere collaborative intelligence

In our present-day remote-centric virtual working environments, teams long for the ability to collaborate in real-time over the same live data and information flows. Our Brandspace solutions combine the immersive, rich media quality of Newsrooms with intelligent collaboration features that let teams aggregate and re-aggregate information, data, and analytics across data sets, live cast, annotate, and act on information, wherever, whenever.


Brandspaces deliver:

  • Our best-in-class OpenMIND platform for scalable, integrated, cross-screen access, from mobile phone to tablet to multi-user videocasts.
  • Individualized visualization and design with tailored data flows for individual users
  • Data-driven preparation and guidance for specific roles and jobs, from proactive listening to content generation


Brandspaces bring inspiring collaboration back to the work-from-home reality, for experiences that improve both individual motivation and team performance.

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