Everything you need to know

Increase the value of your communication output – with data-based control.

  • Everything you need to know

  • Increase the value of your communication output – with data-based control.


Strategic communication requires an objective view on reputation and media perception. We provide you with the necessary data and analysis. Our specialists gain valuable insights for you from reliable measurement results and outline your course of action – be it for strategic decisions or rapid activities in everyday communication.

Our global analysis capabilities provide you with support and consulting at all levels of reputation management as well as for the successful positioning of top management and your brand.


Big data turns into smart insights

We provide you with a comprehensive measurement portfolio specially tailored to your needs: from ad hoc reports and event-based reports to structured issue tracking. We utilise start-of-the-art technologies to gather globally available data and use it to compile the insights most relevant to you. Analysis scope and reporting is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our advisers present the results on C-level and discuss it with you. We provide you with the relevant insights to maximise the value of your communication performance.

Corporate Reputation

Our global media expertise can support your sustainable reputation management: Our reports tell you where your company stands in terms of reputation. Our consultants work with you to determine what this means for your communication plan.

How others talk about your company and brand is valuable social capital. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a clear picture of the global mood. Top journalists at business papers have long been bloggers as well, and customers comment on your CSR activities on news sites. As stakeholder groups become increasingly fragmented and the globalization of media, companies need an objective and focused measurement of their reputation.


Our expertise for your sustained reputation development

How good is my reputation – and how does it compare to the previous year or my business peers? Which topics and stakeholders are driving my reputation? Which ones are weighing it down? Which messages can make us stand out against our rivals? How well are we able to spread an important storyline? Where is there room for improvement? Which group contributions, made by individual markets, brands and/or business areas, are most impactful? In what areas do we leave untapped potential?

Tap into our comprehensive perspective spanning print, online, broadcast, and social media, as well as the many years of experience amassed by over 250 UNICEPTA analysts around the globe – for a sustainable boost to your reputation and strategic communication management.

You can be safe in the knowledge that we will take care of the methodology, enabling you to focus completely on the results. We will always present these to you in a way that provides a valuable basis for planning and decision-making. They serve as strategic guidelines for your global communication teams, and will make communication performance transparent and assessable in terms of controlling.

Our analysis can be combined with customized consulting services

  • Cross-media approach (print, web, broadcast)
  • KPI-based analysis
  • Global and national reports
  • Reputation index developed by UNICEPTA
  • Comprehensive industry benchmarks
  • DAX30 reputation benchmark
  • Presentations that can be presented to the board
  • On-site presentations at the executive level
  • Can be integrated with portals and dashboards

CEO Reputation

CEO communication is key to success: Our media analysis shows you how your CEO is viewed and which topics they stand for. These reports also support positioning - and can be presented directly to the board.

Targeted CEO positioning has long been an essential component of strategic corporate communications. The increasing personalization of business-media reporting creates a spotlight on leadership where they become a key factor in a company’s reputation. The CEO becomes a brand.


Measuring the CEO performance in media

Our CEO reputation analysis outlines the perceived reputation of your CEO, in comparison with colleagues and peers, and can be presented directly to the board. They also detail the topics that the CEO is seen to address with credibility, topics that should be added to their repertoire, and what positions make them resilient to the ebb and flow of business news.

The 3D model for CEO communication, developed together with Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg, measures the media performance of CEOs. It is based on the knowledge that a CEO’s image is more robust and resilient when they boast a multi-dimensional portfolio of topics.

    Our services

    • CEO reputation index
    • 3D model for CEO communication
    • Extensive CEO benchmark data, including DAX30 CEOs
    • Best in class, best practice comparisons
    • Visualizations and summaries that can be presented to the board
    • Presentations by consultants at executive level
    • Can be integrated with portals and dashboards

    Event Analysis

    Trade-show appearances and press conferences, investor days and AGMs: We support you with immediate feedback on key events for your communication.

    Successful reputation management primarily proves its worth in critical situations. Sustainable communication uses events as a focal point of consistent messaging. That is why we support our customers the day after with analyses that clearly illustrate how things went.

    Were your messages heard and well received? Which topics were evaluated in which markets and how? Which interpretative patterns need reworking? We have the resources and experience to provide you with pinpoint insights in situation of critical importance.

      Our services

      • Flash report on the day of the event
      • Social media report
      • Message transfer
      • KPI-based linking of continuous measurement and ad-hoc analyses
      • Topic competition and market analysis
      • Can be integrated with portals and dashboards

      Issue Analysis

      Systematically broadening your horizon: Our issue analyses make relevant developments visible. Companies can only position themselves strategically if they are clearly aware of the business environment around them.

      Climate change, Artificial Intelligence or Industry 4.0: Structured monitoring of what is happening around you is key when it comes to situations of change or crisis, and systematic analysis of public debates represents the cornerstone of sustainable and consistent issue and stakeholder management. It reduces uncertainty, anticipates risks and identifies opportunities.

      Our issue analyses make trends visible and enable scenarios to be planned. As a component of our holistic issue management solutions, they help to evaluate the role of relevant stakeholders and opinion leaders.


        Our services

        • Weekly issue briefings
        • global and cross-media data basis
        • Valid evaluation of positions, stakeholders, opinion leaders
        • Ex post and ex ante monitoring
        • Benchmarks
        • Can be integrated with portals and dashboards

          Realtime Analytics

          Analysing the current media landscape in real time: Our real-time analytics put you in the position to quickly identify the situation, opportunities and risks in a digital age and adjust your communication activities accordingly.

          You wish to keep track of large-scale, global developments? We provide you with the suitable analysis tools. These allow you to quickly and accurately adjust your communication to the current issues. Not only to recognise risks, but also to seize opportunities for your successful communication control.

          Our real-time monitoring provides you with a database for the relevant issues that is precisely tailored to your needs. The data and information is then evaluated in real-time via individually designed dashboards: What news are trending? How do focus topics develop? Who are the most important influencers and what impact do they have? Which opportunities are there?

          Our real-time analytics support you in changing your perspective: From inside out to outside in. For quick orientation and classification, the data and insights are outlined in a visually appealing manner, according to your wishes.


          Our services

          • Individually compiled database (e.g. online news, social media, print)
          • Various filters e.g. by type of media, language, countries
          • Provision of important KPIs (e.g. range, user interaction)
          • Specific pre-configuration of important analyses
          • Visually appealing preparation of the analyses
          • Transfer to additional analyses systems and reportings

            Social Media Analysis

            Technology + Savvy = Social Web Intelligence. This is our equation for your information headstart. Our analysts compress big data into valuable insights. Count on the smart combination of technology, service and consultation!

            Marketing, aftersales or corporate communications: Companies today have to be sensitive to mood and opinion on the social web in many areas of their information processing activities.

            We analyse for you the globally available data from the social web. Including identifying relevant social media influencers and the assessment of their performance.

            Regardless of whether you’re a social media manager or communications director using our expert dashboard, you will always be provided with valuable insights.

            180 m

            web-sources worldwide


            qualified alerts

            Our services

            • manual and automatic data analysis
            • appealing visualisation concepts in real-time
            • KPIs for buzz, range, engagement, sentiment, relevance, benchmarks
            • Influencer ranking
            • Can be integrated with portals and dashboards

            Communications Controlling

            Strategic communications management requires the use of a control system. UNICEPTA’s communications consulting service helps you to set up a reliable management system for your communications that is KPI-based and suitable for the management.

            Be it media relations, internal communications, marketing or public affairs: Communications officials today face the task of ensuring that their targets and performance represent a contribution to corporate strategy. For this to happen, they require reliable reporting that stands up to scrutiny.

            Our communications consulting service helps you to identify and measure KPIs and value drivers. We strongly believe that the effectiveness of a control system hinges on the acceptance it enjoys within a company. That is why we pay special attention to internal communication processes, with the goal of establishing informative management reporting in your organization

              Our services

              • Control systems: Key figures and KPIs
              • Cockpits and dashboards (incl. web-based versions)
              • Communication scorecards
              • Secondary analyses of established studies (multi-method designs)
              • Management reports
              • Support and advice for internal processes (conception phase, implementation, identification of objectives)
              • Optional: Media analyses and stakeholder surveys