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2021 has kicked off with as much continued uncertainty as 2020, but there are small signs of promise and opportunity for businesses like yours.

While you might be reading several different predictions of what to expect in the year to come, our Media & Marketing Intelligence specialists work a little differently, beyond just proposing random ideas. We start with actual trending topics and keywords, derived from our global database of over 460 million information sources, and then our Analytics & Insights experts connect them into specific trends and scenarios for companies to consider.

This year we have 21 trends across overall intelligence around media, business, market, social and digital, on evolution in corporate communications and marketing best practice, and business sectors where we have specialist focus: mobility (including automotive and transport), pharma and life sciences, finance and insurance, industrials, and various consumer-facing categories.


We’re seeing this year’s trends developing three ways:   

  • Those incubating or bubbling under for some time that have arrived: AI and machine learning applications going mainstream, or corporate purpose moving to a core strategic imperative. 
  • Those making a transition from one phase to another: for example, a new era for big data, shifting from building and collecting to continuous action. 
  • Those that emerged with the disruptions of 2020 – COVID-19, social and political movements – and are here to stay


Coming up in our subsequent editions, you can learn more about topics ranging from AI-powered solutions in marketing and communications, corporate purpose, trends in analytics and KPIs, and data-driven innovation from around the world. As we’re monitoring it, we’ll cover it. 

Communications and marketing professionals rely on UNICEPTA to source, aggregate and analyze the broadest range of data analytics and intelligence. By making things clearer and more intuitive, we help clients create ideas and actions to win in today's demanding environment.

From our team to yours, we invite you to explore our 21 for 21. As the year progresses, we’ll be back with follow up and new intelligence and insights.

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