For smarter decisions in a demanding world

2021 has kicked off with as much continued uncertainty as 2020, but there are small signs of promise and opportunity for businesses like yours.

While you might be reading several different predictions of what to expect in the year to come, our Media & Marketing Intelligence specialists work a little differently, beyond just proposing random ideas.

We start with actual trending topics and keywords, derived from our global database of over 460 million information sources, and then our Analytics & Insights experts connect them into specific trends and scenarios for companies to consider.

First edition | Feb 2021

The catalyst to break siloes

A common intelligence and analytics base can help unify marketing and communications. Here’s how to start small and scale.

The bigger your company and home market, the harder it is to collaborate across marketing and corporate communications. Redundant activities, duplicated channels, even competing initiatives are a drain on performance and morale.

Let us show you how to use smaller markets and divisions to create new ways to work more cross-functionally, using shared intelligence and analytics as your collaboration engine.

Prove your purpose NOW: a window of opportunity for Pharma

How to use this once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand your license to operate

While public sentiment towards the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries reached unparalleled heights during the first wave of the Covid pandemic, the tonality has already eroded quickly since vaccines were announced in November. Now, availability, speed, price, supply, and efficacy against variants are shaping the debate.

How can the industry convert its innovation dividend into long-term purpose?

Our Analytics & Insights experts have identified some decisive factors:

  • Use increased visibility to prove your social responsibility.
  • Support vaccination advocates by running public-interest campaigns.
  • Open your doors and show your high standards for drug development.

Plugged into the social buzz

What you need to know to make your business win.

Communication and marketing leaders are entering a phase of live, continuous decision-making. Understanding what’s being said about your company, your brand or products is a decisive factor. Spotting trends and unlocking insights from thought leader, influencer and customer conversations can help you drive faster, better decisions.

We can show you how you can use AI-powered social media analytics to transform data into actions.

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